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A look at how the world compares the United States to China

Despite a lot of saber rattling from Russia lately, in 2014 there are essentially two superpowers in the world. The United States, known for both its strong economy and military and China, which has seen rapid growth over the past 40 years.

China has tried to forge closer ties to Eastern European nations like Romania.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The two nation's have forged a very unique partnership. Unlike the USA and the Soviet Union, the Americans and Chinese have become strong economic partners, realizing that there are a lot of mutual benefits. But, like the USSR, there are still a lot of areas where their world philosophies collide, which causes occasional tension.

The world view of both the USA and China can have stark contrasts at times. The Pew Research Center's Global Attitude Project tracks that very thing, showing international attitudes to the two superpowers. The Global Post created an excellent map showcasing that data, but digging deeper, there are some interesting facts at how the world sees America and China.

  • Of the countries surveyed in 2014, the United States is thought of much higher in the Western Hemisphere. The only two nation's that have a more favorable view of China are Venezuela and Argentina, both nations with recent issues in the USA.
  • The United States is also thought of much more favorable in Europe, where its always had strong relations. China has made some in-roads with some former Soviet states, most notably Greece and Ukraine, but the rest of Europe tends to side with the Americans.
  • On the other hand, China has a much stronger view in the Middle East. Likely, this is because of the nation's refusal to give Israel strong backing, whereas the USA and Israel are close allies.
  • Speaking of Israel, 84 percent of Israelis had a favorable view of America this year, the highest in any year that they've been surveyed.
  • Oddly though, Palestinians also had there most favorable year for Americans in 2014, although it's only 30 percent. Prior to this year's survey, the United States had never had more than 18 percent of Palestinians give a favorable view of the nation.
  • The nation with the biggest one-year slide in its support of the USA was Russia. With recent tensions, the Russians went from 51 percent favorable in 2013 to 23 percent this year.
  • The one area of the world where both superpowers have a favorable view is Africa. The United States has a strong history of helping Africa after the fall of Imperialism and China has begun to work heavily in certain African countries, seeing ways to help boost both economies. It's paid off and the continent tends to support both nations.

The United States and China have strong ties, but also many challenges ahead. They've carved out an interesting international niche and while trying to work together, both nations will also try and exploit any advantage that they can.

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