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A look at 'EA Sports UFC' in-game: Bruce Lee, Royce Gracie and gorgeous visuals

UFC is a powerful, gorgeous experience.
UFC is a powerful, gorgeous experience.
Permission given to use photo by EA

EA Sports UFC is out now and as you're getting into the game, you'll undoubtedly want to get your hands on both legendary fighters, Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie. If you haven't seen this game yet, it also surprisingly has incredible visuals and some of the best we've seen in a sports games.

Two of the most influential fighters are at your disposal and they both help add a different dimension of history and awe to the EA Sports UFC experience. For those who decide to go all the way and unlock the two fighters by completing the career mode on pro difficulty or higher, you will be happy with the rewards that await you.

In the game and in much of the work Bruce Lee the person did, all of the qualities that made him one of the most athletes on the planet are ever so visible. Things like speed, strength and agility are evident when playing with him, as opposed to other fighters that are in EA Sports UFC. Bruce Lee proves to be the type of fighter that you'll want to remain vertical with. Lee will not play as strong when you get into the ground and pound game. He's quick and agile, so players should be utilizing him in the same way.

Next, we take a look at Royce Gracie, who is arguably one of the most influential fighters in MMA history. With it being since 2006 that Gracie was in the UFC, it feels like it has been too long since we've seen him in the octagon. Once you step into the ring with him, it surely doesn't seem as long. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which Gracie made extraordinarily popular during his time in the UFC, is so visible in his fighting style. EA did a fine job of paying homage and capturing the true spirit of both Gracie and Lee's fighting styles.

The final aspect of EA Sports UFC we want to shine a bright light on is the game's visuals. At first glance, the picture of the game looks very good, but is nothing outstanding. Once the game starts moving and the fighters are battling, that's when UFC really starts to shine. The crispness of both the camera and movements of the fighters is spot on perfect and really showcases the best parts of this game. While the control scheme may be a bit difficult to learn at times, it's ultimately worth the time, especially when you take into account the overall package.

Gorgeous visuals and two of the best fighters we've ever seen all make EA Sports UFC a must have for any MMA fan. We are incredible glad EA Sports decided to release the game just on PS4 and Xbox One because it gives us a small peek into what Madden, PGA, FIFA and NHL could all look like when they are new-gen only. Ignite really showed us the best we've seen and we can't wait for more.

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