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A look at CT's charities in the newly released Philanthropy 400 list

The Chronicle of Philanthropy announced the largest 400 charities in the nation this week. How does one get in the top 400? You raise the most money from private sources--individuals, private organizations, corporations, etc. These charities range from universities to health organizations to funds like the Schwab Charitable Fund (number 10).

Three of the Philanthropy 400 are here in Connecticut--AmeriCares Foundation in Stamford ranked number 7, Yale University in New Haven came in at 25 and Save the Children based out of Westport ranked number 49.

AmeriCares Foundation: AmeriCares provides relief from crises--be they man made or nature made. They respond to disasters such as flood, famine, hurricanes, refugee crises, and civil strife. 70% of what they do involves providing global medical care and medical care to uninsured Americans through free clinics. They also have a summer camp for kids affected by AIDS and HIV.

Yale University
: This prestigious and well-known school truly needs to explanation. Yale educates both undergraduate and graduate students and is the source of a tremendous amount of research in all subjects.

Save the Children: This organization aims to provide healthy and safe lives for children worldwide. They aim to accomplish this by providing education to mothers, providing pre-natal care, immunizations, building schools in developing countries and providing literacy and nutrition to those living in rural poverty in the U.S.