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A long road home for Murphy the Golden Retriever

Love always finds a way back home!
ABC News

As dedicated pet owners that like to get out and about with our canine companions, many of us can only imagine what it must be like to lose that beloved companion by some utterance of bad fortune. The Braun family is familiar with this type of loss and is only too happy to have been reunited with what they are praying turns out to be the Golden Retriever, Murphy.

The fatalistic night happened about two years ago when the entire Braun family, Nathan, Erin, their children and Murphy went camping in Tahoe. Murphy went exploring and lost track of her family.

For two years the family returned on weekends calling out and searching the vicinity, looking for any trace of their four-legged best friend. Until a few days ago, the hunt went unwarranted.

Then, out of the blue, a camper at a nearby campground saw an animal resembling that on the fliers the family had posted all around – never giving up on finding their dog. The camper’s name was Jason Smith. He saw what appeared to be Murphy around the French Meadows Reservoir.

The family was contacted and they rushed to the site and laid out Murphy’s blanket along with some of the family’s personal effects. They had kept such things around because they refused to believe that they would not get their beloved canine back home.

That seemed to work. The dog seemed to trek back to the site and fell asleep on her old blanket. Mr. Smith acted quickly. He leashed the dog and contacted the Braun family who rushed back to find Murphy, not like they left her, but there, nonetheless. Just like the Braun family, the dog never gave up hope.

There have been movies made and books written about this type of love and dedication. It is just wonderful to have this type of news reported though as it was again on NBC5 out of Chicago this morning. The emotion that it drums up is a positive that can take people through the rest of the week.

Only devoted animal lovers can really attest to the unconditional love between a dog and its human family members. Jason Smith got to witness that love first hand when he successfully reunited what is believed to be Murphy with her family members.

The Brauns will finally breathe their last sigh of relief when positive DNA tests are returned to them verifying that their pet is finally home!

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