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A long road back for Chicago dog found nearly dead in dark alley

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Sophia was brought in early Friday morning by Chicago policemen; they had found the barely alive dog beaten, bleeding, and abandoned after someone shoved her pain riddled body into a carrier and deserted her in a cold back alley of the city.

And that's how the day began for the Animal Welfare League who needed to work quickly to help stabilize the seriously injured dog whose body temperature barely registered on a thermometer.

Upon closer examination, veterinarians noted Sophia had recently given birth and had nursed her young. Her usefulness must have run out for whomever owned her; her back legs and her chest showed puncture wounds as if she had been the victim of a fight.

Did her owners use Sophia as a bait dog?

Hardly able to even lift her head, Sophia is fighting for her life, but now she has an army of people who care that she survives. The dog's condition has to be stabilized first before surgeons can even attempt to repair her numerous injuries.

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If you would like to help with Sophia's medical expenses, please click here. Please write Sophia's name in the reference line.

Does anyone recognize Sophia?

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