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A Long Hiatus

It has been more than a year since I have written anything. Life has a way of making excuses for us; doesn't it? We have so many dreams and ideas we put on the back burner to run on the hamster wheel.

I made a pretty big decision this past month. Here's how the conversation between myself and fiancé' went:

Me: "Honey, I have been thinking about a career change."

Jen: "Ok.......what did you want to do?"

Me: "I wanna work in the outdoors and become a landscaper".

Jen: "Ok baby. If that's what makes you happy".

That was it. I didn't get a lecture about being irrational since I have zero professional experience being a landscaper. I just had a "gut feeling"; a pull, if you will that I needed to change my career out of the retail/customer service field and do something more physically demanding. I honestly didn't expect her to be so supportive. Not that she isn't, mind you, but basically I was telling her that I was going to do something unknown and a bit reckless and she had every right to tell me to stay where I was working at that time and act like a responsible dad.

So begins my adventure. I figured why not write about it? In this life, if we don't take risks once in a while, we don't grow. My mom always used to tell me "if it feels uncomfortable to you; then do it!" What she meant was sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone and shake things up a bit. My mother lived fearlessly and unapologetically.

I want to be more like her.....

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