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A local foods breakfast

So in keeping with my charge to eat more local foods this summer I have developed a breakfast catch-all that easily incorporates whatever I have on hand from my CSA, a fruit and veggie smoothie!

First, I bought and froze a TON of blueberries. They are a fantastic little fruit and probably my favorite summer food. The blueberries serve as the base for the smoothie. I have also frozen a bunch of pre-shredded kale to add to smoothies as well.

Today my smoothie was just those two ingredients, a cup of blueberries and a handful of shredded kale. I blended them with a couple splashes of organic pineapple juice (NOT local!). Both kale and blueberries are packed with nutrients.

I have had great luck with this breakfast method because it easily encorporates a lot of food that I get from the CSA. Other things that have made an appearance in my smoothies include carrots (that I chopped up some first), raspberries, cherries (with the pit removed), spinach and parsley. I've pretty much used the frozen blueberries as the base across the board. I got lucky and bought a bunch of local, frozen blueberries from the farmers market this winter and had them on hand earlier in the summer.

The only problem with this method of breakfast is that it can be high in sugar and light on calories. One remedy for that might be adding some plain yogurt. I've done it in the past and it works well enough. Personally, I like the fruit and veggies by themselves better. Plus, I eat breakfast only a couple hours before lunch on a typical day so the fact that I don't have a huge number of calories doesn't bother me that much.

What are you best local food breakfasts?


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