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A local Eagle Scout benefitted St. James Farm

Arthur Alcantara has helped more people than he knows.
Cathy Alcantara

Eagle Scouts are the Boy Scouts that have worked their way through the ranks over many years in order to deserve their title. A local Wheaton young man displayed a couple of weeks ago why the title of Eagle Scout is so readily deserved.

Arthur Alcantara recently completed his Eagle Scout Project. His project was overseeing the construction of two portable, heavy-duty, free-standing horse saddle stands that he donated to St. James Farm Forest Preserve in local Warrenville.

He chose his mission because he wanted to help the Forest Preserve District accomplish one of their many objectives. The St. Francis High School junior spent over a hundred of hours researching the stands that will be used by both children and adults that have a fear of horses; giving them an opportunity to experience what it feels like to sit on a horse.

Each Eagle Scout must come up with something unique and this member of St. Michael Boy Scout Troop 34 really did his homework! Now the fearful individuals will have nothing to fear and the stands can also be used extensively for therapeutic horse riding as well.

The addition of the two horse saddle stands researched, organized, built and transported to the 612-acre St. James Farm will help them with their Master Plan. The once private estate came into the official possession of the Forest Preserve in 2007. It had formerly been the retreat estate for the McCormick family; consisting of an extensive horseback riding facility.

Now the Forest Preserve is helping derive the many objectives of the St. James Farm Master Plan which includes transforming it into a place of conservation, education and recreation for the general public. The horse saddle stands are a first step toward that goal. Now everyone, young and old, can experience what it feels like to be in the saddle without having to be in a saddle on a living, breathing animal which may prevent them from the experience.

Eagle Scouts like Arthur Alcantara have to reach out to see what type of project they are interested in; one that can help their community at large. It is not an easy task or a quick task, but one to be revered by those that have not taken on this particular type of challenge.

It is certain that the good folks at St. James Farm appreciate the hours of dedication this young man put in to their cause. It is also certain that Arthur’s parents must be very proud of their very deserving son!

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