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A living locket shares a mom's story, Origami Owl jewelry

Origami Owl, a mom's story in a living locket
Cristine Struble

Moms take great pride in sharing their kids accomplishments and triumphs. From boasting tales of touchdowns made to home runs hit, the conversations are endless. But, these proud parental tales can become tiresome. With an Origami Owl living locket, a mom can shout her child's accomplishments without uttering a word.

Origami Owl is a brand of jewelry that allows the wearer to personalize her piece of jewelry. The signature piece of the brand is the living locket. These lockets showcase the charms that tell a woman's story.

The key to this company's appeal is variety of charms for the living locket. From sports themes for your children's activities to birthstones, there are charms for any occasion. The living locket can hold numerous charms. Plus, the charms can be easily exchanged within the locket depending on the outfit, event or just because.

As a mom of two athletes, the living locket is a perfect way to show my support and pride in my children. Whether cheering on the football sidelines or clapping on the pool deck, the living locket shows my pride in both of my children's accomplishments. Even away from the playing field, the locket is a way to carry a part of my children with me wherever I go.

Origami Owl can be purchased online or through an in-home party. The living lockets range in price from $20-$40. Chains, charms and other accessories are purchased separately.

Tell a story about your family and yourself in a single piece of jewelry. The Origami Owl living locket says volumes without you having to brag.

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