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A little secret to better skin and a slimmer waist


slimmer waist naturally

A little secret to better skin and a slimmer waist. Take care of your liver. Your liver converts everything you eat, breath, and absorb into life- sustaining material. The liver is our filter, it gets rid of toxins at a rate of over a quart of blood per minute. The liver manufactures bile to digest fat and prevent constipation. It stores all vast amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that it release to build and maintain healthy cells. The liver also produces interferons, the body’s natural germ killer, and is responsible for more than 1500 functions to maintain a healthy immune system. So, how does this affect your skin and waist line? Simple, if the liver is not breaking down our nutrients, the body doesn’t function properly. Which in turns causes the body to not release toxins, fat and waste. The toxins, fat and waste sets in our bodies on a cellular level causing us to feel sluggish, moody. In women the liver plays an important part with balances estrogen levels. When the liver is toxic, it is possible to see imbalance emotionally as well as physically. These symptoms can show up in the biggest organ of our bodies, the skin. Here are a few things you can do to support liver health:

» Exercise
» Breath deeply, it helps the liver to release toxins
» Take several saunas, if your health allows, it cleanses the liver faster
» Eat plenty of veggies, fiber absorbs excess bile and increase regularity
» Eat enzyme – rich foods, yogurt and kefir is excellent

The liver plays a large part in our healing and well being. Undestanding it’s function and role will educate you to make healthier decision, awarding you with healthier looking skin, more energy and maybe a slimmer waist.