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A Little-Known Problem with Solar Power

As part of my crusade against Smart Meters, I have been considering going off the grid. In the DC area, this can be accomplished with solar power combined with batteries or it cam be accomplished with fuel cells. I recently learned that all inverters used to turn DC voltage into alternating current (the form used on the grid) emit radio frequencies into the area surrounding the inverter, as well as all electrical lines connected to the inverter, including the lines between the inverter and your panels, the lines between the inverter and the grid, all of the wiring in your house, and to some extent, the wiring throughout your neighborhood. There are filters for reducing this "noise." Exposure can also be reduced by careful placement of the inverter and by shielding the area it is in and connecting the shielding to the ground. One solar friend has his inverter next to his couch. He had to undergo surgery last year for cancer, despite having a super-healthy lifestyle.

In the process of educating myself about electrical pollution, I purchased a "Trimeter" that measures electrical fields, magnetic fields, and microwaves. It is not as accurate as the instruments used by people who do these measurements professionally, but it is good enough to identify most major problems. Using it, I discovered that my whole neighborhood suffers from high levels of magnetic fields. The source of the problem has not yet been identified, but the levels across the street, where many trees have died, are about 10,000 times higher than one might find in suburbia. Within my house, the exposure drops to 500 to 1,000 fold more than suburbia. Needless to say, I have notified Pepco about the magnetic fields on my street and am waiting for a response.

It may be that I can reduce the levels in my house by putting a dielectric connection on the water main where it enters my house. This will prevent the flow of current (and associated magnetic fields) through my water pipes. Water systems are sources of magnetic pollution because many people use water systems to provide the electrical connection to the earth needed for any safe wiring system. Gas lines can also be a source of magnetic pollution for the same reason.

Another source of radio frequency pollution that is proliferating is the installation of transmitting devices by Comcast so that people can use their Comcast account when they are out and about. Oh joy! I am now exploring the world of shielding. This will all be very good for "the economy."

While you might not notice radio frequency pollution now, it can creep up on you gradually. Once you become "electrically sensitive," life gets really complicated so it is best to avoid the possibility by taking precautions before it happens. It will probably start as sleep problems or headaches, maybe reduced clarity of thought, dizziness, or emotional problems. It can also cause heart palpitations.

Though it will not pick up the full range of harmful frequencies, nor will it give you a number, there is very inexpensive way to test for radio frequency pollution. Go to Radio Shack and get their cheapest pocket radio, model number 12-586 for $15. Pull out the antenna, turn up the volume, select am radio, and tune to the ends of the range or places where there is no station and listen for static. Be sure to vary the orientation of the radio because some orientations will give stronger signals than others (because the antenna has an orientation). Walk around your house and see how the static varies. Be sure to test a few electrical outlets and if you have gone solar, check out your inverter, daytime and nighttime.

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