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A little Indaba do ya

A perfect midweek wine with poultry
Diane Letulle

Roasted chicken is an easy staple in many home cooks' kitchens. A simple meal that can be placed in the oven while dad does a load of laundry and mom helps the kids with their homework.
But once everyone gathers at table, why shouldn't hard working parents enjoy a bottle of wine with their bird? I was recently sent a sample of Indaba 2013 Chardonnay, and it's the perfect choice for a casual weekday dinner. As far as Chardonnays go, this one is on the crisp side; an acid kick balances out supple green apple and ripe pear flavors. Although the wine has seen a little oak, it avoids imparting any oak flavor and the barrels only provide a bit of structure to the wine.
Indaba is the Zulu word for "a meeting of the minds," or a traditional gathering of tribal leaders for sharing ideas. The brand was created as a celebration of the democratization process in South Africa. The wine is a true value, selling for just $6.99 at Union Square Wine and Spirits.

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