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*A list of Natural Holistic Care from Externally & Internally*

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Flowers & Candles
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It is vital for us to nurture ourselves in every aspect of our lives. In order: God, Love, Family, Wisdom, Balance & Neighbors. Below this passage are; Natural health care professionals, Fitness Instructor, Anger Management, natural hair care stylist & community outreach assistance.
Have we gotten so far away from the creator's original plan of taking care ourselves, the earth and caring for those around us in our busy world? Are people today beginning to revisit the simple, organic and holistic ways of living; such as, how to take care of our hair and bodies; eating to live & not living to eat; transitioning not only with our hair but in our diet and workout. 'Today we can push buttons and controls, get surgery and take pills to lose weight and tame or numb pain. The natural way of losing weight entails exercise and eating healthier-less fattening and chemically-based foods.
To be fair, we're either forced or seduced/beguiled to partake in alternative methods instead of natural methods because of the changes in our society including poverty, industrialization-modern technology and such. We're bombarded with commercialism, consumerism and capitalism. Also, it is understood that many things are beneficial and helpful but we can easily become conditioned, addicted, dependent and enslaved by these unnatural methods.
Pursuing a life of peace, laughter, wellness and love; striving to live a life of love, biblical and family-values, morals, integrity, respect, wisdom, balance and neighborly care.

Recommended Resources and Referrals:
• Dr. Millie Lytle ND NPH (Naturopathic Medicine): and InVite Health

• Doreen Holland- Fitness Coach/Fitness Instructor/Hair Stylist:

• Michael Chase-Personal Home Cook for people with disabilities/homebound/catering/elderly (NY):

• J.U.S.T.I.C.E Organization (NY)- 12 Step program, Bible Study, Linkage, and Medical services, Food pantries, Transitional & Permanent housing:

• Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist Felecia Bell Schafer-

• Don Colbert, M.D., board certified in Family Practice and Anti-Aging medicine, formulated Divine Health-believes in treating the whole person; the mind, the body and the spirit.

• Nurturing your hair/body/spirit/mind naturally (online):

• The M.A.N. Program (Managing Anger Naturally) (Upstate NY):

• His Garden Naturals Mobile Hair Care Salon (Richmond VA) Stylist travels to client’s place of residence providing natural hair care and custom made products:

• Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (Joe Cross seen on TV):

• Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau (New York Times Bestseller)

• The Cornell Daily Sun:

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