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A list of every #innovation #collaboration #CMS #ideamanagement tool

Using Web 2.0 tools can enable companies to embrace Enterprise 2.0 abilities.
Using Web 2.0 tools can enable companies to embrace Enterprise 2.0 abilities.
Ron Shulkin design

Pretty ambitious title!

The batch of Web 2.0 tools available to help companies embrace the concept of Enterprise 2.0 is myriad. As I’ve reviewed the various offerings I noted it was difficult to find a comprehensive list. So this is my attempt at assembling a definitive list of tools in this space.

This list includes several sub groups: Innovation Systems, Innovation Consultants, Collaborative Platforms, Idea Management Tools, Content Management Systems, Community Building Systems, and Mind Mapping. Frequently the vendors listed below can fall into multiple categories.

For instance, Cognistreamer is a wonderful open innovation system and collaboration platform. It has usefulness as an idea management tool and it also has content management attributes. Lastly it is used to build an internal social community. They could have been listed in any or all of those categories. I picked one.

If I missed any vendors you feel should be on this list, write a comment or send a note to and I’ll add them to the list. If any vendors feel I mis categorized them, let me know and I’ll move your listing. I tried to use the descriptions given by the vendors themselves, but if any vendor would prefer a different blurb, send it along and I’ll swap it out with what I’ve written.  I've already changed several listings and added a few since the first publish point.

March 10, 2010 update.  I've added at least a dozen vendors since first publishing this list.  I probably need to add a new category.  There are a bunch of vendors who offer on line idea slash solution brokering that I have listed in other categories.  We'll see as I continue to get suggested updates.  Also several vendors have clarified their descriptions and have asked to be moved into different categories.  I'm happy to accommodate such requests and have done so. 

March 23, 2010 update.  Several new companies have asked for their offerings to be added to this list and it has been my pleasure to add them.  This list has been re-posted on a number of sites worldwide including a Portugal doctorate program syllabus.

May 13, 2010 update.  About 200 people a week look at this list which is truly remarkable.  Vendors write virtually every week asking their name be added, changed, clarified or moved.  Viewers from over 30 countries have seen this.  If you have any input just send me a note please. 

My goal is to have a comprehensive list and not to make judgments or express preferences.

At the end of this very long list is a bunch of links to others who have attempted similar lists. Others have assembled “white label social networking software” lists. There are some very good blogs on Innovation, on Collaboration and on Idea Management. Gartner, Forrester and Wainhouse are in the business of making recommendations along with their lists.

My apologies if I made any errors. Again, just make a comment or shoot me a note and I’ll make corrections as rapidly as possible.

Innovation, Collaboration, Idea Management is a very exciting milieu for corporations. This new, open environment can enable professionals and other smart people to be productive in whole new ways. The following vendors have the vision required to develop tools that are useful, easy to use, and likely to produce exciting results.


R. Todd Stephens has a blog covering Web 2.0 technologies and has a list here of 400 software tools labeled Web 2.0.   It's a long list, but there are no links and doesn't seem to be replicated below.

JULY 2010 UPDATE:  I continue to get requests to add new offerings who I may have missed initially.  Still others have joined the fray with the increased focus on innovation the business world is experiencing.  I also still get thank you notes for assembling this list, so I'm gratified to learn this continues to be a useful resource to those exploring the subject.  In June of this year, after looking closely at the list below, seeing demonstrations of many of the software products and interviewing for a position at just shy of a dozen...I joined the CogniStreamer group as their VP of North America.  I really believe CogniStreamer has an exceptional idea management software tool and I spend my days introducing it to those seeking a solution.  CogniStreamer is the innovation backbone for dozens of organizations throughout the world.  It is a collaborative tool providing Organizational Engagement and a scientifically driven idea management tool providing Strategic Guidance and, most importantly, valuable ideas, products and solutions for those who use it. They have pioneered the use of Persuasive Design to get your team should see it.   As your search continues please feel free to contact me for a more in depth discussion of your needs.

Also Geoff Zoeckler has done a nice job reviewing several software offerings.  He takes an in depth look at his favorite top five here.

Innovation Software Systems

adenin TECHNOLOGIES     delivers Intranet portal solutions that help mid-sized to large organizations around the world improve the productivity of their employees, gain agility and innovate more successfully.

Accept software       Innovation management solution that combines market insight, strategic alignment and unified execution capabilities

Brainbank      BrainBank is a full end-to-end SaaS innovation management software platform, not just "suggestion programs built on web service technology". In fact our specialty is post-ideation workflow management once the innovation reaches the active stage.

Brightidea       on-demand innovation management

Chaordix      delivers the technology and know-how to help organizations adopt crowdsourcing for competitive advantage. Simple to invite crowds to submit, discuss, vote on, and often refine and rank contributions via the web

Induct         Innovation Community, is a social software supporting the innovation process from ideation throughout the innovation pipeline

Invention Machine       provider of innovation software and services, helping companies drive sustainable innovation and breakthrough ideas

Ingenuity Bank
     Created specifically for breakthrough innovation, features incremental and breakthrough idea paths

InnoCentive@Work™      is an internal web-based community, customized by InnoCentive for your organization

Innovation Factory     Suite of software solutions ensures successful implementation of idea management in your organization

Innovation Framework     With a front end of innovation and new product development module approved by Stage Gate, Inc.

Invention Machine     
an innovation intelligence platform that knowledge-enables innovators across the organization, helping them more rapidly and consistently generate and validate ideas and making innovation a repeatable and sustainable process.

Jenni      helps you identify strategically focused business ideas that will power your innovation initiative

NovaMind       Produce unique, information rich, vivid solutions for enhanced creative thinking and compelling presentations.

OVO       Innovation Software and Services

Skild      Prize resource management platform to empower producers of skill-based competitions with the valuable tools and resources needed to run innovation challenges, competitions and prizes

Spigit      internal innovation pipeline, leveraging employee contributions, enterprise integration, contest tool, prediction tool

Innovation Consulting Teams
Bottom Line       help you develop your core competency in innovation in a systematic way

C.F.I. SYLLAB        Our consultants unleash the hidden potential within you and your organization. We can positively enhance your adaptation and innovation skills

Dachis Group     Dachis Group has developed an approach to help businesses create and capture value from emerging trends in technology, society and the workplace

Destination Innovation
       improves innovation and leadership in business through presentations and workshops on lateral leadership

Ideaconnection        a community of Problem Solver consultants providing solutions to your innovation challenges

Ideas To Go        Focused methods for better thinking. Where critical thinking and creative energy converge. Productive projects with real results.

InnoCentive       an open innovation community of smart, creative people who provide solutions to tough problems in business, science, product development, math, and computer science.

Innovaro Europe’s leading innovation consulting and insight firm

Ispim      a worldwide network of academics, business leaders, consultants (A, B, C) and other professionals involved in Innovation Management

Management Innovation Group
       building a culture of innovation provides the foundation upon which to pursue multiple growth strategies with more confidence in an uncertain future.

New and Improved     an organizational development firm that focuses on the people skills organizations need to create growth through innovation. They develop groups of individuals who excel at creative thinking and working productively together.

NineSigma     full array of state-of-the-art products and services that will engage your company with the global innovation community

Strategos       teams work with your organization to identify and act on growth opportunities and game-changing strategies. We help you build a systemic capability to innovate

UTEK      provides world class innovation services including strategic innovation consulting, foresight research, technology sourcing and acquisition

Collaboration Platforms

37signals      Manage Projects and Collaborate with Your Team & Clients.

Alfresco       Open Source, document management, web content management, collaboration,
Acquia Based on and enhancing Drupal

Akiva       Secure and customizable enterprise collaboration and online communities with knowledge management, document sharing

Asana       a Collaborative Information Manager that we believe will make it radically easier for groups of people to get work done

Central Desktop       For SMB, requires little IT support

Cisco Webex       With conferencing now WebEx Connect a collaborative platform.

CogniStreamer       Open innovation and collaboration platform to create enrich and assess innovative ideas within strategically selected areas.

Cornerstone OnDemand       empowers people around the world with on-demand, integrated learning & talent management solutions for connecting

Engage      is a smart set of employee communication and social collaboration tools to boost daily productivity

e-tipi       Web-based collaborative thinking platform

eTouch       solution that combines the best of wikis and blogs to effectively support, streamline, and manage collaborative team efforts.

Exago       pioneering the use of Information Markets as a tool to support decision making in organization

EZ Collaborator     ezCollaborator is a web-based application that allows your employees and customers to submit work requests and then easily manage them in a collaborative environment.

GroveSite       secure way for companies to collaborate and share documents with team members outside their firewall.

Huddle       simple, secure online workspaces containing powerful project and collaboration tools. Huddle is hosted

Incentive an enterprise wiki, a corporate blog hub, a personalized startpage with widgets, a tool that monitors your surroundings through RSS, social bookmarking and so on (for eternity)

Induct Innovation Community,       is a social software supporting the innovation process from ideation throughout the innovation pipeline

Insight Results       Combines development tools, workflow algorithms, dashboards, budgeting and planning tools and focused and relevant collaboration tools.

Jama Contour     offers the industry's most collaborative enterprise solution for requirements management that provides companies a better way to build great products faster, cheaper and with exceptional quality.

Liferay       social collaboration solution for the enterprise

Novell       workspaces, collaborative application development, workflow, social capabilities.

Open Text       Strong collaboration and social attributes, content and collaboration functionality.

Oracle Beehive       Messaging, team collaboration, social interaction. Reliant on email more than social media

PB Works       Online Team Collaboration: shared workspaces for working with colleagues, clients, and partners

Qontext       An enterprise 2.0 product with collaboration tools and corporate social network that is designed to easily integrate with many different business applications (like CRM, HRMS, ERP, etc...); Offers simple, yet powerful tools for communication, content sharing and collaboration

Saba      unified solutions for people management across learning, collaboration, performance, compensation and talent management

Sametime 3D      (Virtual Collaboration for Lotus Sametime)- This solutions gives remote teams the ability to meet and collaborate in a 3D immersive space. Participants use text or voice chat, share presentations, take notes using virtual flip charts and share and prioritize ideas and other information by putting sticky notes on a brainstorming wall - just like in a face to face meeting

SiteForum       More external facing, SaaS collaboration and external customer communities

SmallWorlders’ Sandbox      intranet platform encompasses: Enterprise Content, Knowledge & Digital Asset Management (CMS) Enterprise Social Networking Collaboration

Socialcast       a simple, secure, enterprise microblogging platform that helps employees easily connect and share in real-time

Telligent       online collaboration and community software

TWiki       enterprise wiki, enterprise collaboration platform, and web application platform

VersionOne        Offers agile organizations of any size a collaborative way to engage with their most important asset - their customers

Vignette       More external facing, integrated Web content management, portal and collaboration software

Idea Management Software Systems
Kindling       Idea management and collaboration tool for groups; makes it easy for your group to submit, discuss and vote on ideas

BrainReactions       Provides a private space online for you to brainstorm with a team you invite

Brainstorm Software      Takes all of your random thoughts, ideas and jottings, and helps you organize them into a logical structure

Brainstorm    Well, someone had to grab this name!  It looks like it's Intuit.  A new entrant into the market they bring the weight of Intuit into the idea management game.  They developed this product for their internal innovation and have a few initial clients.

Brightidea      on-demand innovation management

Brightspark     an idea management system facilitating direct engagement from employees and customers.  Developed with large organisations in mind BrightSpark supports and incorporates innovation from your most valuable source, Your Employees.

Consensus Point       the leader in enterprise prediction market software, created the Foresight platform

Creativity Pool       a database full of creative and original ideas

Creator Studio™     software by CompXpress, Inc., stimulates creative thinking on demand, radically transforming how businesses can quickly bring to bear the power of new ideas, new solutions, invention and innovation to achieve the most challenging goals.

Crowdcast       Collective Intelligence platform. It enables companies to tap the wisdom of their employees and translate it into accurate and timely forecasts. For employees, Crowdcast is a forum for expressing opinions about key metrics as well as a place for learning from colleagues

Employee Suggestion Box      Provides everyone in your organization an on-demand platform to capture, develop and incorporate good ideas companywide

FellowForce       WEB BASED Idea Management Solution

Global Ideas Bank       contains over 4,000 edited best social inventions (socially innovative ideas and projects)

HypeInnovation       internal Idea Management Processes, as well as the capturing and implementation of external ideas, the In-Licensing of external Technologies or the cross-linking of Contributors and Idea Managers within an Innovation Community

Hyve AG      Idea management solutions in Web 2.0

hypios      is an online marketplace that enhances the global exchange of solutions by connecting Seekers, companies looking for solutions, to a large panel of Solvers worldwide

ideaken        is a software as a service platform, powered by innovation centric collaboration techniques, best practices & processes bundled into one single service conducive for open innovation

Ibykus       id-Force, id-Force is the modern idea management solution for every size - from the small business to the multinational corporation

Idea a day       Idea A Day publishes an original idea every day, the best of which appear in the The Big Idea Book edited by David Owen

      Idea Management - Innovation Management - Crowdsourcing - Suggestion Box - Customer Feedback

IdeasCount       Suggestion & idea management system

IdeaJam      by Elguji  - IdeaJam is a place where people can post and share their ideas, and gauge the marketability, popularity and viability with input from others

Ideation       By Qmarkets, idea management software allows companies to build the perfect "idea market place"

IdeaWicket       India's first "Open Innovation" Portal

Imaginatik       idea and innovation management software firm       Like Yammer, a microblogging tool, but whose distinguishing characteristics include its behind the firewall deployment.

Incent       Web-based employee suggestion system based on the Toyota Production System; reward engine, report engine and email alerts

Innovation Exchange (IX)      is an online open innovation marketplace. It's where diverse community members from all over the world respond to challenges sponsored by Global 5000 companies and not-for-profit organizations.

ISDE      PrisM, Helps employees contribute novel ideas, improving their involvement

Kirei       Helps organizations capture and prioritize ideas, helping them to better understand what to work on first

MindGenius      Idea management software to help with planning, brainstorming, problem solving, mind mapping

Mindjet       Transforms brainstorming ideas, strategic thinking and business information into blueprints for action

MindMatters       state-of-the-art idea management and intellectual property management solutions

MindTouch      Open source, lots of add ons and integration offerings

MuchBeta      Teepin is an idea management and channeling system that allows to engage and listen to everyone working at your organization

MyIdeaShare       Ideation software that helps organizations generate, evaluate and manage ideas

Nosco      Idea generation and management software

ParaMind       ParaMind Brainstorming Software offers you an automated way to develop ideas

PhpOutsourcing       IdeaBox, Web based suggestion box software that is easy to use and install, giving every employee access to this virtual suggestion box

Red Dragon        an on-demand social media platform that combines the full range of – idea management, blogs, discussion groups, tagging, search optimization, videos etc. – with security, control and content moderation

Social Technologies       innovative futures programs provide our clients with up-to-the-minute knowledge, expert insight and foresight, high-level learning experiences, and opportunities to network with experts and peers.

Sopheon      is an international provider of software and services for product life cycle management. Sopheon's Accolade® solution enables manufacturers and service providers to achieve sustainable market differentiation by synchronizing strategic roadmapping, idea development, and innovation process execution

Thought Farmer
      Social Intranet Software. It combines traditional intranet features with social software features like blogs, wikis and social networks

TQS-Sim       Universal Global Idea Management Software

xpoint      Provides a common environment and collaboration tool with a structured methodology

Community Building Software
Atlassian       IT focused, wiki, community capabilities, large plug in library, customizable prebuilt integration with SharePoint and Louts

Awareness       More external facing, online communities for companies that want to leverage social media marketing to engage with their customers

Blogtronix       More external facing, used in small financial institutions, open public communities, customer communities and employee communities (don’t be fooled by its name)

BlueKiwi       More external facing, enterprise social software for people-centric organizations to create powerful and secure social networks and collaborative environments, widely installed in Europe

Crowd Factory       engages site visitors with a wide range of social features, such as profiles, ratings, favorites and activity stream

CubeTree       wikis, microblogging, file-sharing, link-sharing, polls and group chat are integrated into CubeTree's social networking platform

Customer Vision      enterprise wikis, blogs, widgets, mashups, social networking, and RSS

HiveLive       Merged with Rightnow, create the best possible experience for your customers across the three engagement points that really matter – the web, social and contact center

Igloo       social software solutions help organizations create vital connections between people, processes and information through the creation of online business communities

Ingage       (aka Neighborhood America) More an external facing social network. Focus on social marketplaces

Jive       From a social perspective, community capabilities, recent announcements about idea management and innovation applications

KickApps       More an external facing social networking tool. Build your own community with social networking and photo & video sharing; create your own widgets, custom video players

Kwiqq     social networking platform for corporations and entrepreneurs

Lithium      More an external facing social networking tool. Social CRM is the next generation in customer engagement

LiveWorld       More external facing, builds, operates, and moderates social networks and online communities

Leverage       creates enterprise-grade social networks

Mzinga       social media and networking, web collaboration, and learning and performance applications on one single platform

NewsGator       Reliant on SharePoint, Create communities and social networks

Omnifuse       a social technology marketing company focused on improving the ways marketers reach consumers and business professionals by building social communities

ONEsite       More external facing, online community and social media solutions

Pluck      Providing syndication, blogging, user interaction and news aggregation software and services

Pringo       enterprise portal, corporate social networking software

The Port Network      online social networking and media software platform

rSitez       creates unique revenue-based social networking sites

Six Apart       More external facing, focused on connecting bloggers, connects marketers and bloggers

Small World Labs       More external facing, Enterprise social networking service provider. Allows organizations to build customer engagement communities

Socialtext       content generation, communication, wiki, social attributes, microblogging

Sparta       builds social networks for enterprises. Sparta provides social network software for enterprises and social media

UserVoice       Makes it easy to build a customer community and quickly start engaging your customers; online suggestion box that sorts itself

Tomoye       Community Software is community and social networking platform for SharePoint

VMix      video publishing and rich media management software, and community tools such as ratings, comments and blogs

Yammer       Enterprise Microblogging, Company Social Network, Collaboration Tool, Knowledge Base, (Mobile) Productivity Tool

Traction Teampage       an E2.0 Social Software platform that blends together the best facilities for blog, wiki, discussion, social tagging, document management, notification and search

Content Management Systems
Bridgeline      providing scalable web application management software

Drupal      open source content management system

Ektron       functionality necessary to create, deploy, and manage your Web site and share documentation

EpiServer       Widely installed in Europe, g provider of .Net based Web Content Management (WCM) and online social community platforms

FatWire       web content management (WCM); collaboration and community; content integration; audience targeting and measurement; and mobile publishing and delivery

IBM Lotus       Content services, workspace capabilities, tight integration with content management, modular

Inmagic       provides web-based solutions for social knowledge management, library automation and information management needs

Microsoft SharePoint       Document workspace, search, portal, business intelligence, content management

Realcom       (aka AskMe) knowledge management systems create a knowledge networking environment that is integrated with your existing information infrastructure with social networking

SelectMinds       Corporate networking solution, reliant on external content management.

Yakabox     secure knowledge sharing system with four applications: search, social media, collaboration and content management.

Mind Mapping

Codmart       MindMeister, Enables users to create, manage and share mind maps online and access them anytime, from anywhere

     Collaborative web-based mind mapping tool with instant updates, real-time collaboration, and auto-layout technology

Computer Systems Odessa       Manage your ideas effectively; use this application for process construction, mind mapping and brainstorming

Expert Software       Mindomo, Web-based mind mapping tool; create, edit and share mind maps

FreeMind     a free mind mapping system available for download

MindMapper      A visual mind mapping software tool for organizing thoughts and ideas, decision making, presentations, planning, and more

Varatek       MindApp, Helps you create elegant mind maps quickly and easily; provides complete support for all mind mapping techniques. has a great list of mind mapping software with the capability to sort on various criteria.

Roy Grubb has a great list of free mind mapping software  on his wiki and was nice enough to share the link above as well.

Special thanks to the following.  These sites can provide great additional sources of information for those researching the Web 2.0 topic.
The Forrester Wave: Collaboration Platforms
Seek Omega Enterprise 2.0 Blog
Gartner Magic Quadrant Collaboration Systems
Wainhouse Reports
Open Innovators Blog
Social Text Blog
Wikipedia collaborative software listing
Stefan Lindegaard's 15inno blog for examples of corporate deployments
Value Co-Creation Blog
Jeremiah Owyang's Web Strategy Blog with the most complete white label s/w list (the inspiration for today's blog listing)

Please provide your comments for updates, corrections and additions or reach out to  Or you can go to Ron's website at to learn more about his biography, or to make comments.  You can follow Ron Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.  Or you can become a fan of Ron's blog on Facebook.


  • Volker Bilgram 5 years ago

    Hi Ron,

    thanks for the comprehensive list - a lot to explore. I'm not sure into which category to put our idea management and innovation community solution - the HYVE IdeaNet which is being used within companies such as Daimler and Swarovski as well as for idea contests and open innovation platforms for external stakeholders.

    Thanks for the nice list!


  • Ken Plumley 5 years ago

    Creator Studio™ software by CompXpress, Inc., stimulates creative thinking on demand, radically transforming how businesses can quickly bring to bear the power of new ideas, new solutions, invention and innovation to achieve the most challenging goals. Visit to learn more.

  • Ron Shulkin 5 years ago

    Thanks Volker and Ken. I've added both, plus several other suggestions that came through on LinkedIn and in emails. Also several listings have been clarified via notes from the company's representatives.

  • Rickard Hansson 5 years ago

    Thx for a comprehensive and well structured list.

    I suggest you add Incentive Live ( in the collaboration section.


  • Elian Chrebor 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing these resources.
    Glad to see you listed

  • Ron Shulkin 5 years ago

    3/5/09 Update. Thanks to input from readers and vendors I've added a number of new entries including those listed below plus CFI Syllab, Sopheon,, Incentive, InnoCentive. Also I've clarified the descriptions of several others at the request of the vendor's representative. Happy to continue to update as I get feedback.

  • Ron Shulkin 5 years ago

    Oddly enough, I've noticed the Google algorithms for ad placement work pretty good with a list like this on the page. A number of companies in this space keep popping up in the Google ads on the right hand column with offerings like those listed. If those vendors or other experts reach out, great, I'll add them to the list. But for once, I'm recommending readers check out those ads.

  • Ken Plumley 5 years ago

    Hi Ron,

    Correction: Creator Studio™ software by CompXpress, Inc., should be listed under Innovation Software Systems.

    Best Regards,


  • Kevin Lyons 5 years ago

    I am working with a company based here in the Twin Cities that has worked with companies like Best Buy, US Bank, Atlanta Hartsfield, United Health and others. Check them out at
    Thanks for the list.
    Kevin Lyons
    President, Lyons' Pride Consulting

  • Wendy Wurtele 5 years ago

    Thanks for the listing, and the great list, but could you please move us under the heading "Innovation Consulting Teams"... our focus is to provide innovative solutions to R&D challenges. We don't really fit under "Idea Management Software Systems"...

  • Kevin Cody 5 years ago

    Thanks for putting this together. It certainly helps with our competitor analysis! I’ll try to be objective and brief in putting forward our own platform. SmallWorlders’ Sandbox intranet platform encompasses:

    Enterprise Content, Knowledge & Digital Asset Management (CMS)
    Enterprise Social Networking

    We specialise in internal communications and marketing and help some of the world’s most successful marketing organisations – including Ogilvy, Heineken and Nestle – get better campaigns to market faster while fostering open collaboration across offices, and time zones.

    I'd appreciate a mention in this comprehensive list! Thanks

    Kevin (

  • Lieda 5 years ago

    Hi Ron, I put a link to your blog´s list on my website. thanks.

  • Sabina 5 years ago

    Hi Ron,

    Here from BrainBank. Thanks for this list - really great, really comprehensive industry resource. One important point, though: BrainBank is a full end-to-end SaaS innovation management software platform, not just "suggestion programs built on web service technology". In fact our specialty is post-ideation workflow management once the innovation reaches the active stage. I believe we should be under the first section, "Innovation Management Systems".

    Thanks again!


  • Abbe 5 years ago

    Thanks for including eTouch. So you know, the company is eTouch, and the software is called SamePage. We call it eTouch SamePage or just SamePage.

  • Shanky 5 years ago

    Hi Ron

    Thanks for publishing this list. Have you come across a whitepaper or matrix to help innovators choose idea management software?

  • Lokesh V. 4 years ago

    This is really interesting. Is everyone is still active in the market

  • Zoran T. 4 years ago

    Hi Ron,

    I propose that you might include DataStation Innovation Cloud under Innovation Software Systems.

    DataStation is end-to-end innovation management system with flexible idea workflows, Stage-Gate(r) methodology for launching new products to market, competitive analysis and social collaboration.


  • artesweb 3 years ago

    I like this are very good resources and social network list.

  • MindMaple 3 years ago

    Have a look at, it’s new mind mapping software with features to help your mind mapping better for project management and solving problems !!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Recently stumbledupon They seem to be a new entrant in innovation management software category with 2 distinct offering - one for open innovation and one for enterprise innovation

  • GirlFromRussia 3 years ago

    Hi, Ron! Thank you for this list. I know only 10% of them. Welcome to my own soc network!)
    Russian brides for marriage

  • Bruce 3 years ago

    Great list. This is a great resource for people to find quality customer experience management software. And as all the top companies know, they are only as good as your customers think you are, so making them happy is the key to success and growth.

  • Jason 3 years ago

    Great job putting together all this info. You forgot one I found recently and very happy with it.

    I would also recommend to look at this innovative social CMS collaboration network provided by and tools to be able to work over the Internet using Private Network.
    Work Collaboration system provides collaborative software and services to the individuals and businesses with a primary focus on delivering high quality project management software, content management system, video conference software, collaborative CRM, collaboration ready HRIS and CMS services to enable first class of secure social collaboration and workflow.
    100% Free for nonprofit and charity organizations, people with disability and non-commercial use.
    If you register as a business company you will receive as a bonus your professionally tailored business plan.
    See all collaborative features and compare to other companies
    Unified Social Collaboration Network Demo

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Check out open platform:

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You should also add ExamTime to the list -

    You can collaborate with a group of people and share your study notes that you have created using the mind maps, flashcards, study quizzes or other tools.

    Have been using it in my class to share the workload, its great for students to sign up to because it's free too :)

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Hexigo is a collaborative decision making platform for enterprise. Check it out:

  • Ganttic 2 years ago

    This is a really great list. Thank you very much for sharing this post to everybody. I had such an incredible time here.

    My Last Post: Ganttic

  • Vikky 1 year ago

    Ron, I agree with you. Sometimes when you are a student it's difficult to organize yourself. You always should count money and your time. You made a great tips. I learned a lot, especially I like MindGenius . To my mind it's very important to have a curriculum. Sometimes I am an unorganized, to be more I try to use free mind mapping. It helps me to organize my thoughts, make my mind more clearly.

  • RichK 1 year ago

    Hey Ron,

    Thanks for putting together this list.

    Hope you'll consider including our idea management tool, Vocoli, on your list. You can find us at

    ~ Rich

  • Fuensanta 1 year ago

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the fabulous list of Open Source CMS that you offer us. I would add to this list the Open Source Document Management System: OpenKM

    For more info:

    Thank you!

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