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A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Brand Recognition

Creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy that will increase your brand recognition is sometimes easier said than done. Thankfully, you have a LinkedIn expert (not to toot my own horn of course) to help you through the intricate LinkedIn marketing jungle.

Master Your LinkedIn
Jeff Korhan

Let’s get started:

1. Articulate Your Thoughts
Something as simple as articulating your thoughts does wonders for you. I’m a walking case study of that. Once I began to communicate my thoughts on LinkedIn about a variety of topics like LinkedIn and social media marketing, my authority in the online community increased substantially.

2. Do Your Homework
When you’re in communication with a possible prospect, do your homework by doing comprehensive research on them. This can pay dividends (as I ultimately got hired by this client who was impressed by my knowledge of their needs.)

3. Broaden Your Connections
Networking with new individuals online and offline is a great way to develop relationships and leads.

4. Build Credibility by Showcasing Your Accomplishments
Showcasing your accomplishments on your social profiles is a great tactic for building a reputation as an authority figure. Also, when prospects see that you have a great reputation, it will be that much easier for you to convince them that you’re the one for the job.

5. Video Creation
Creating video has increased substantially over the past three years. You can see smart entrepreneurs leveraging video creation and video marketing daily.

6. Join a LinkedIn Group
Joining a LinkedIn group and conversing with the other users is a great way to network and even help your business. Look at LinkedIn Groups as a mastermind group.

7. Optimize Your LinkedIn Page
Optimizing your LinkedIn page is not only great for searchablility, but it’s also a critical to first impressions with leads.

8. Expand Your LinkedIn
Whenever applicable expand your LinkedIn connections. If you’re flight just got delayed, whip out your LinkedIn and get searching for possible people to connect with.

9. Proactive Engagement
Reaching out to people in your network as much as possible is a great way to stay fresh in people’s minds. Just try reaching out to a few people a day and see what happens. I bet it’ll be worth your time.

10. Market Your Work
Showcasing your work on your LinkedIn profile with pictures and videos is a great way to build credibility for yourself and your LinkedIn profile.

11. Expand your Connections
Spending a few minutes a day to search for networking opportunities (online and offline) is a great way to build your LinkedIn network.

12. Recommend and Endorse
You appreciate when a LinkedIn member endorses and recommends you right? Well, I’m pretty LinkedIn members appreciate the same thing. Do you see a user that deserves credit? Don’t hesitate to endorse and or recommend him or her.

13. Join the Conversation
Joining the conversation by commenting on blogs and conversations is a great way to build your authority. Also, networking while doing so isn’t bad too is it?

14. Have You Heard of LinkedIn Pulse?
Like an online newspaper, LinkedIn Pulse organizes news stories for your enjoyment. Access this under “Interests” and or download the app.

15. Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations
After completing a project or job for a client, don’t hesitate to ask them for a recommendation. They would probably ask the same from you if it were the other way around.

16. Professional Headshot
This is probably the most paramount LinkedIn tip I can give you: Get a professional headshot done. The first thing a LinkedIn user and or prospect will see if your profile picture, so do yourself a favor and do it right.

17. Spy on Your Competition
Spying on your competition (in a non-creepy way of course) is a great tactic to stay in the loop when it comes to new products they’re releasing, new strategies they’re implementing, or new connections they’ve made. Knowledge is power.

18. Start a LinkedIn Group
Starting a LinkedIn group is a great way to network and communicate with members in your industry. Building a group that targets a specific demographic is even better. Starting a group with a target market that you’re trying to break in to, is a great way to get noticed, build credibility, and build prospects.

19. Content is King
A little cliche, I know. When it comes down to it, content is still king though. Updating your LinkedIn profile with content that is of value is a great way to start engagement and build interest. Listen to what people like to see, and build your content around that.

20. Blogging
Creating your own content is great for building authority on your topic. When you have LinkedIn users already interested in what you have to say (because you followed these 19 other steps right?) then blogging is sealing the deal. You’ll have loyal fans in no time.

Try implementing all 20 steps and let me know in the comment box below how your LinkedIn brand recognition has changed.

Thanks for reading!

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