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A link to some snow history for the Greenville area

Fisrt of all, here are links to a couple of maps from the National Weather Service office's of surrounding regions of snowfall from the most recent event om March 2, 2010.  GSP hasn't produced their map yet. (Northern Georgia) (central NC) (list of GSP area accumulations) (list of Columbia area accumulations).

In addition, the GSP Office released a fascinating report about the harsh winter of 1960 where it snowed several times in March in the Upstate of South Carolina.  It can be accessed at the following link (.pdf file requires Acrobat Reader to open).

By the way, remember it also snowed on March 1-2 last year.  the GSP area has had snow before in April (and once or twice in early May), but the next week or so at least looks snowless.  There is a big storm on the models around March 17 or so, but that is pretty late for us.  Could this be the year for a late season surprise?