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A link between diet and fertility

A Harvard study links diet with promoting fertility.
A Harvard study links diet with promoting fertility.
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 Colette Bouchez, a medical journalist, explains how to "give your fertility a boost" in her article, "Getting Pregnant: Easy Ways to Encourage Your Fertility."  She is clear in saying that if you are experiencing infertility you should consider getting a medical evaluation to help identify what might be causing your infertility.   She says using these dietary recommendations in conjunction with a medical evaluation might be a good strategy.

The advantages of these diet options are they are low cost, can be done without medical intervention, and are easy to try. They are based on a study done at the Harvard School of Public Health.  She explains, "The key to success is knowing when to try-and knowing when it is time for more serious medical treatment."

The first "Booster" she describes is "Eat Healthfully."  According to Ms. Bouchez, Harvard researchers were able to identify "fertility foods able to improve conception odds."  They include:

  • "Eating more monounsaturated fats (like olive oil) and less trans fats (fast food)
  • Increasing intake of vegetable protein (like soy) while reducing animal protein (like red meat)
  • Eating more high fiber, low glycemic foods like whole grains, vegetables, some fruits, while reducing intake of refined carbohydrates and sugars
  • Consuming moderate amounts of high fat dairy products like ice cream and cheese

She quotes Dr. Jorge Chavarro,MD, author of The Fertility Diet. He participated in the Harvard study. The  study looked at the relationship between fertility and diet.  He says "women experiencing ovulatory dysfunction were also suffering from undiagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition related to insulin resistance that also affects ovulation."

The 2nd part of this series on "fertility boosters" will describe the other "natural" things you can do to try to enhance your fertility.

To read more about these " fertility boosters" you can find Ms. Bouchez's article at WebMD, "Getting Pregnant:  Easy Ways to Encourage Fertility," at


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