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A linchpin shares her tips to bring more creativity to nonprofit management and fundraising

The two prior nonprofit business features have highlighted the work of Mikki Donnelly, Development Director for Houston's Ronald McDonald House, as she brings more creativity to her nonprofit's management and fundraising.

Ms. Donnelly is a development person by profession, and linchpin by practice - her methods have made her indispensable to her organization and delight her prospective donors by 'painting a picture' of their support in action to garner big wins for her organization.

Here are her tips to bring more creativity to nonprofit management and fundraising:

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Be prepared to sell your Board your vision – and be willing to compromise
  3. Go off plan if needed when your decision is based on analysis and your risk is a calculated one
  4. Be willing to fail (but remember you can surely succeed!)

Author Seth Godin claims a map can't be drawn to define the successful practices of a linchpin, but incorporating these tips surely can help you to forge your own path to living life and vocation as art.

“Life, and doing good work, is like riding a wave," according to Ms. Donnelly. "When opportunity arises, ride the swell. Sure you might get tossed around in the waves, but then again your ride could be perfect and you never know where it will take you. Either way, another one will be right along to catch for another ride…”





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