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A light rail Saturday

So the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un thinks that the new Seth Rogan movie The Interview is an act of war. He obviously has not seen The Green Hornet.

Speaking of communist countries, China has said that it will not allow Hillary Clinton's book, Hard Choices, to be sold there. Apparently in it she is critical of China and Beijing doesn't like that. What does this tell us about China? Simply that an more enlightened economy doesn't necessarily translate into real freedom.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that it's okay to protest on a public thoroughfare. Indeed, that it's okay to protest right in front of abortion clinics. That this is a victory for freedom of speech is significant; that it is a victory for the Pro Life movement even more so. But again we hear crickets from our libertarian friends who otherwise cheer almost rabidly for 'freedom', whatever that means. To them it clearly means freedom to do what they like done. Being in favor of abortion, the freedom to protest against it is frowned upon by the image makers of libertarianism, even though all it does is promote freedom. Isn't that what they want?

On July 28th the construction of the Woodward Avenue light rail system will begin. It is little more than another attempt by the powers that be to make people travel on their schedule rather than on their own. One wonders whether it will have the success of the Detroit People Mover, that notoriously unused loop of concrete which winds around the downtown areas (and perilously close to the sports arenas as well). Yet some business owners are keeping the stiff upper lip, hoping that in the long run it will help their retailing. Let's say we're skeptical.

That's it, that's our Saturday morning, cough, light railing about this and that. You are welcome.

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