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A "liberal's liberal" or plain old liberal lunacy?

Democratic State Representative and United States Representative candidate Patrick Murphy stated on August 18th, 2014, that if the migrants under the age of 18 who have come from Central America to the US are not awarded a “pathway for citizenship” they may become terrorists. This has caused some people to wonder if maybe we should give thieves welfare so that they won't be tempted to steal. After all, the philosophy is rather similar.

Murphy stated in an interview with Ben Kieffer–an Ohio Public Radio host–that we are responsible to take care of these underage migrants. The public can only assume that by “we” he means United States taxpayers.

Murphy stated: “We need to treat them like they are our own children and grandchildren,” although no one seems to know why he believes we have to “adopt” non-citizens from south of the border and coddle them as if they are “our own.” Apparently he hasn't considered the fact that perhaps US taxpayers want to spend their money on their own children and grandchildren. Murphy's theory is that if we do not educate them and make sure they become citizens that they may “become terrorists a generation from now.” It was not even a full moon when he made this statement.

Murphy represents Iowa’s 99th district and won the Democratic nomination for congressman this summer for the 1st district of Iowa. He calls himself “a liberal’s liberal,” and judging from the statements he has made concerning migrants, terrorists and our “responsibility” to make illegals our “children,” most are inclined to agree with him about his self-bestowed title.