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A level playing field is only fair

The rich get richer, the popular become more popular and where does that leave me, a poor, unknown Wisconsinite? Frustrated. I work hard, pay my taxes and just when I think I gain some footing, government steps in. In a recent Gallup poll, only 7% of Americans feel “very satisfied” with our nation’s distribution of income and wealth.

Fast-food workers are pushing for a $15 hourly minimum wage. Fast-food restaurants are oftentimes a teenagers training ground, their first job while studying for high school exams and trying out for the cheerleading squad. Is it realistic for a teenager to earn $15 an hour their first time out? As a previous business owner that employed teens, I would have never succeeded if I had to pay that amount. Perhaps the government needs to instigate a tiered minimum wage, one for teens and another, higher amount for adults.

Sam Pizzigati wrote in Opposing view in USA Today, “A century ago, Americans faced an income and wealth distribution even more top-heavy than today’s. But Americans trimmed the super-rich down to democratic size. Our forebears had the courage, in short, to confront concentrated wealth and power. Do we?” We need to find the courage to end inequality.

Lolo Jones is a current, prime example of the popular, becoming more popular. Jones, a hurdler in the summer Olympics has been named to the American Olympics Bobsled team as brakeman. Three teammates said Jones was given the final brakeman spot because of her fame. They feel they weren’t given the same opportunities to succeed. What about competency, was that taken into consideration?

I do not begrudge anyone from being successful, I just feel that the playing field needs to be level. Everyone needs the opportunity to succeed and without fairness, it is virtually impossible. The government needs to be realistic and the selection committee needs to be fair. Is that that too much to ask?

I am a health and wellness coach but without a name like Jillian Michaels, I don’t stand out. I am the author of 4 books, but without a name like Danielle Steele, who would guess a small town Wisconsin girl could be published. Yes, I am feeling a bit frustrated but I will keep pushing forward and hope I sell one more book, or secure one more client. I guess even Lolo Jones needed to start somewhere.

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