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A letter to the forgotten ones of domestic abuse during the holidays

Dear Forgotten:

The holidays can be a very fearsome time for you. You seemed to have only experienced the touch of pain and for that you sometimes believe it equates to love. You had no choice in the matter and it is certainly not your fault. We all know that when the holidays roll 'round, these can be the worst of times for you.

Not everyone has a beautiful and bountiful cornucopia of food, overfilling the brim during Thanksgiving. At times you only have the bare minimum from the food pantry. Tin cans that when open, spill out a guise of freshness, or some meat or turkey that has lost its freshness and expiration date, that will be re-heated upon a table for those that have less than, but will be grateful for. Perhaps this is “stuff” that the rich wouldn’t even think of consuming, let alone putting near to their lips.

Sometimes the only thing that you, the “forgotten” can look forward to is mayhem, fighting and pain. Imagine trying to recreate this situation when it’s time to go back to school, and your teacher says, “Let’s write about our Thanksgiving holiday, and why we were so grateful.” The many essays will be filled with embellishments and recreations that would rival the love of the family Waltons, a beloved television program. Sometimes the only thing to look forward to is more of the same pain, something that has become familiar over the years.

We would all like to do more to volunteer our time over these upcoming holidays to ensure that you guys, the “forgotten” are never labeled that again, so from now on you will be called the “Remembered”. Remembered for your fortitude during these times, during these hard times that even the strongest and wealthiest among us find tough to maneuver through, lest it devastate our mental health, fragile as it can be at times.

We will keep you in our hearts and remember you for all those sleepless holiday nights you had to endure those drunken tirades that kept you from getting your sleep and when fights erupted over trivial things, instigated, provoked and prolonged by alcohol and fueled by drugs.

We will keep you in our minds and thoughts, and we will sometimes feel frustrated, wondering how you’ll be able to maintain your dignity and couth this year, one more time again.

We will keep you in mind when it comes time to contribute, to see what we can do to either work or volunteer to your cause. This is a promise to you, the Forgotten, um, to the Remembered.

Because no child, no woman nor man, should ever have to endure physical and/or emotional pain that comes with abuse, especially around the holidays, so we will now pledge to make sure you get the help you need and deserve by becoming informed about your plight. This we, the Fortunate, promise to you in this letter to you, the Remembered!

Respectfully yours,

The World


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