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A lesson from "Balloon Boy"

Recently, the nation was held captive by a bizarre situation that appears to have turned out to be a publicity stunt for a potential "Reality TV" show. The "Balloon Boy" event caught our attention, and we're still talking about it, even though it turned out to be nothing. Most of what I hear comes across as condemnation for abusing the public's trust for personal gain.

Pastors live in the public eye enough that I often feel like I'm on a Reality TV show, but that's the nature of the life God has called me to live. That said, I would not want a camera crew in our home at all times, broadcasting our family's private lives. They're called "private lives" for a reason.

At the same time, every Christian, not just pastors, lives under scrutiny. When you cut someone off on the road, and they see your "Pray for our troops" ribbon on the back of your car, what are you telling that person about Jesus? When we act judgmental and look down our noses at those we consider worse sinners than us or gossip about them, what are we saying about the unconditional love and forgiveness of God through Christ?

(Romans 2:24) As Scripture says, “God’s name is cursed among the nations because of you.”

While our good works don't save us—Jesus' work for us has already done that—what message does your life send to others? If your family were on a Reality TV series, would the viewers know you're Christians? What would you be telling them, through your lives, about Christianity?

You don't have to be on a Reality TV series. The world is watching you. Let them see the life of a broken sinner who lives by the grace of God, whose sin has been forgiven, and who now reflects that love to the people He has brought into your life.