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A lesson in big government: ACORN.


This nut is starting to show signs of wear and tear, but it is far from over.  Intense scrutiny is heating up over ACORN's behavior recently exposed via two under cover film makers.  Several employees have been fired after videos demonstrated illegal advice being administered.  While the legality of their advice may be abhorrent, the nature of their advice as pertaining to prostitution, under-age sex slavery, brothels and pimping is inexcusable.   Yesterday ACORN suffered another brutal blow as the Senate voted to discontinue funding ACORN Housing an affiliate organization already under scrutiny for their involvement in the Housing crisis and bank intimidation.  However the bigger question remains, why are federal taxpayer funds being used to finance and subsidize these organizations?

I applaud Richard Shelby for wanting to launch an investigation and for writing a letter to our president to freeze all payments.   After all, it should interest every tax payer whether Obama a former lawyer of ACORN and a candidate vowing to bring ACORN's agenda into the White House will do.  But why don't the republicans draft legislation to impose lobbying efforts by community organizing groups and for the federal government to permanently distance itself from such enterprises.  We all know that the federal government has now reached further than it's original intention called for, but Congress cannot pretend that ACORN's influence and power has nothing to do with their involvement.  In fact there is a certain amount of irony when an organization is on the cusp of being investigated by the very organization that promotes it's existence.  According to ACORN's CEO, Bertha Lewis, yesterday's de-funding does not impose financial hardships because most money is acquired via donations.  If that is truly the case, then where is the justification for funding something that apparently functions perfectly well as it is. 

In fact, federal funds exacerbate the situation and makes it very difficult to understand the source of our problems.  No American should have a problem with an organization that seeks to improve the life of disadvantaged people even while being critical of our current establishment , in fact most people would consider donating.  What we have a problem with, is an organization that uses our money to further it's anti-establishment agenda while promoting, implementing and supporting candidates that further expand government, welfare and housing subsidies.  Before the Great Depression, many private charitable organizations provided a vast amount of services for people in need through the kindness of Americans, it's no coincidence that America's charity is known far and wide throughout the world.  However our charitable capacities are constantly being threatened by an ever expanding government who thinks funneling money through a central agency somehow results in better local aid.  Instead we have a government that not only crowds out private charities, but encourages the growth and expansion of shady criminal enterprises like ACORN.  Consider for a moment if ACORN was strictly a private organization and the donors discovered their donations were being used to promote voter registration fraud.  ACORN would immediately lose funding, perhaps not all, but a great deal.  This fear would at least provide an incentive to keep their operations legitimate.  However an introduction of funds from a federal body has no such strings attached and in fact encourages to act illegally in order to expand it's "requirement" for additional funding.  Money for which one does not have to work for, promotes negative behavior.

Federal government subsidizes Medicaid and we wonder why Medicaid is fraught with corruption and waste, not to mention verge of bankruptcy.  Federal government pledged to support the Big Dig, our state's largest project and then we wonder why it took twice as long and cost twice as much, not to mention caused a fatality.  Federal government subsidizes our schools, but not matter how much money is thrown at the problem our education woes continue.   Stay out of projects and programs that are outside the scope of federal government!

Until last week ACORN had a US Census project awarded to them!  To consider that our government secured the partnership of an organization whose sole mission is to undermine our way of life is mind boggling.  On the other hand expansion of federal government into areas it does not belong brings upon unusual and damaging consequences.  For in order to maintain "integrity" we must have people who are subject to opinions, corruption and coercion to ensure that someone else's money is being spent wisely.  This creates a further burden on the society for these people must be paid and departments funded.   If our federal government feels it is absolutely necessary to hire an outside organization to perform it's duties, then a background check must be required.  Just like accepting a job in the Department of Defense subjects an individual to a rigorous background check, so should contract work with the US Government.  Otherwise all funding of "charitable" groups must end and the money returned to their rightful owner, the taxpayer. 


  • Jack 5 years ago

    It is a sad state of affairs when those who wanted Obama and elected him are to find out that he got elected by this fraudulent company. Sad as this sounds, it is even sadder we have him for 3.5 more years.

  • Arkady 5 years ago

    Yes it is, however his extreme left agenda can probably be stifled in 2010 and if his approval ratings drop then his rhetoric might change too.

  • rusty 5 years ago

    What is with the media. How long can they continue covering their eyes to acorns abuses. How long can they bury their heads in the sand, because we haven't and we know whats going on thanks to some patriotic persons.

  • Budman 5 years ago

    There is a thing that is known as impeachment

  • Bud 5 years ago

    Impeachment? We need a real revolution in Romania look up what they did to Ceausescu. This is what we need.

  • ItsMeAgain 5 years ago

    Charlie Gibson,

    You sir, are a freakin' twit. Goody by and good riddance to you.

  • Arkady 5 years ago

    He really is...what a disgrace.