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A Lenten Reflection: Down to the Wire

By Rev. Mother Meredith Moise, O.C.

The days are winding down. Have you started your count down? I have kept silent on Lent until now. This season has been one of tremendous growth and spiritual progress. I left one jurisdiction to join another that is more aligned with my spiritual belief and practice. My prayer life is centered around bringing Jesus to the people every day. My personal encounters are not so much a chance to show off skill or even to brag or boast. My personal encounters are about bringing God's love to people. My practice is one of earthing compassion daily. How do I allow Jesus to live in me? By moving out of the way......

Ego is a plague. Ego makes us think we are important. We are end all to be all. But when we step back and allow God in, that is when we truly become strong. We are empowered by the power within us. We develop courage when we allow Jesus to be our courage.

This season has seen revelation after revelation in the body of Christ. We see officials in other Catholic bodies being exposed because of sin and abuse. Should that shake our faith? I believe God is telling us that there is no one above him. I believe that Jesus is telling us to follow his lead and not the lead of preachers, teachers, leaders and ministers who are abusing and using the people. Christ is the center of our faith, not the pope nor the priest. Jesus is our courage, our strength, our highest and deepest self....We have no other recourse.

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  • R.S. Destiny 4 years ago

    I agree with comments made about the negative aspects of ones' ego. However, we must be clear of our role & purpose in Life, for we all must face our destiny...
    I am quite confused by your beliefs: are you portraying the Christ, Jesus, as God to the people? Jesus sits at the right hand of God - so how can Jesus be God when prophet Isaiah foretold his arrival & birth? (Isaiah 7) Can God fast or be tempted by the devil? Jesus was a sign: the end of the world is near, but yet lies are told & people mistakenly worship the lamb of God who was used to remove our sins.

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