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A Legal Nightmare for the Makers of Vermonster

Bad news for fans of the Vermont based brew “The Vermonster”.  Hansen Beverage Company, the maker of Monster energy drinks, has gone to court to asking for a “cease and desist” order against the makers of the popular microbrew.

Hansen wants Rock Art Brewery to stop using the name “Vermonster, saying the use of the name could cause confusion amongst consumers.  They are asking for an injunction to stop selling, advertising and promoting the “Vermonster” brew. The Vermonster is sold in Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Arizona.

The owner of  Rock Art Brewery tells the Associated Press that he thinks the law is on his side.  On its home page, the company is calling the battle ‘Rock Art v. Corporate America’ The problem is that  the financial backing is not.  Rock Art Brewey is a small company which employees seven people and brews 3,000 barrels a year.  To contrast, Hansen beverage sold over $1billion worth of Monster drinks last year.