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A leg up on your winter wardrobe

The easiest way to liven up your standard winter wardrobe is through playing with different colors and textures. We’re seeing it all over this year’s winter fashion trends –everything from faux fur to velvet and lace, in bright jewel tones or bold yellows, teals, and crimson.

The best way to experiment with this plethora of options without sacrificing too much of your wallet or closet space (like that amazing vintage brocade coat that you imagined being completely chic strolling down the street but has now strolled its way over to the back of your closet...) is by utilizing legwear pieces. Tights, leggings, and high socks come in an infinite number of options, are pretty affordable, and can be easily added to any outfit, carrying summer ensembles over into these colder days.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Luxuriously soft velvet stir-up leggings

Lace tights to spice up any formal outfit

Floral patterns for those reminscing warm summer days

Colored tights to add some color to a monochrome outfit

Duo-toned tights in black for a slimming effect

Add a little glitz for a night out with embellished tights (easy to do yourself too!)

Colorful and patterned thigh-high socks for a punch of color and warmth

Try to push yourself a little beyond your safety zone, stay comfortable, and remember to have fun with what you wear!