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A leech from the past sucks at today's dreamer

Recurring dreams can be among the most upsetting of dreams and by that same token, among the most helpful in moving a dreamer forward in her waking life. Consider today’s example – a recurring dream of leeches sucking the lifeblood from our dreamer!

Mosquitoes, ticks and leaches in dreams likely symbolize a drain on the dreamer's lifeblood, by poor habits in the case of today's dreamer.
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Dear Carolyn,

A few nights ago I dreamed of an old boyfriend from way back in my past, “Johnny.” I became so frustrated with him! He got the idea early in his life that he didn’t have to work very hard. At a young age he was already head and shoulders above any competitors. Then, as he grew up and rose in the ranks, he found himself among others equally talented. It was harder him to stand out. But instead of working harder, his efforts became lackluster. So he plateaued. He lived on his laurels and outgrew them. Instead of sending him to the top of his game, his talents and early success sent him on a low trajectory.

For whatever reason, I dream of him two or three times a year! The dreams vary a little, but most of them are like the one this week: I feel an itch and look down and see that to my horror, a leech is clamped onto to my arm. When I pull it off, I see that it has Johnny’s face! As soon as I throw it away, another one is sucking at my leg or my breast or my neck. They all have his face. I push them away and struggle with them, but they keep coming back, sucking at me.


Creeped Out by Leeches

Dear Creeped Out,

While you don’t mention that you have a similar talent or the same level of early success that Johnny had, it seems likely that you do. After all, your dream is suggesting that you parallel him in pattern of behavior. Whatever it is in you that gives in too quickly and resists working hard when the going gets tough is very Johnny-like. It is sucking at you, draining your lifeblood, your vigor and your chances for greater success in your chosen endeavors.

If you do not recognize the similarity between yourself and Johnny immediately, here’s a method that will help you pin it down: You’ve just had ‘the dream.’ Write it down along with the events and circumstances of your waking life. Chances are excellent that something’s going on that has you feeling defeated. You just don’t have any more energy to give it. Face it. That’s what Johnny said to himself. Why try when it’s so hard?

Still not ringing a bell? That’s OK. Wait until the dream comes again. Write it down again along with the current events and circumstances. You will begin to see quickly that this dream comes when you are in your “Johnny mode” of giving up instead of trying harder to achieve the goals to which you give lip service.

You must break this habit Dear Dreamer or your trajectory will flatten as well.

Sweet Dreams to You!

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