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A late spring in Arkansas

According to the calendar and the daffodils on top of Wye Mountain, Arkansas spring has sprung here in Central Arkansas. There is an annual trek to view the field of daffodils maintained by the Methodist Church located next to the field. They have been tending the flower for decades and it is a fund raiser for the Church. This examiner has visited there previously when the ground was totally covered in blooming daffodils.

Daffodils in Bloom on Wye Mountain
Daffodils in Bloom on Wye Mountain
Bruce Jordan
 Daffodils on Wye Mountain
Photo taken by Bruce Jordan

But not this year. The harsh winter, the off and on again spring caused the flower to lose there buds die back completely. So the field looked sparser than normal, but still as beautiful as ever. It is one of many spots that nature and man have worked together to create a space of beauty.

Church members indicated that the winter had decrease the number of daffodils so much they were not selling this year, but continue to receive income from the lunch stand and the craft barn. The field is open for 3 weeks in March, but due to the late spring they are considering staying open for a week or two in April. The admission is free and it is a great family outing that only comes once per year. If you cannot make this year put in your calendar for next. You will not regret it.