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A last word after five years as Omaha Catholic Examiner

Blessed Sacrament Church in Omaha, where the author was received into the Catholic Church in 1998. It is scheduled to close on Pentecost Sunday 2014.
Blessed Sacrament Church in Omaha, where the author was received into the Catholic Church in 1998. It is scheduled to close on Pentecost Sunday 2014.
Archdiocese of Omaha

A lot can change in a person's life over nearly five years.

When I signed up for in May 2009, I was two months removed from a layoff at the newspaper where I had spent 10 years of my life. One benefit of that unfortunate situation was that it gave me the chance to write about Catholic matters while I explored my next career path. I began exploring Catholic youth ministry a few months later, which allowed me to take the topics I presented to the high schoolers I worked with and turn them into online articles as well.

That experiment ended in the fall of 2010, not long after I had started putting together meditations on the Church's weekend Scripture readings for my students. As we were close to beginning a new trip through the three-year cycle of readings, I resolved to turn those meditations into a series. I deeply appreciate the support I received from friends and other readers throughout the three-year "Meditations on Scriptures" series, which ended this past November as Year C came to a close.

It's now time for me to move on. Through most of the Scripture series, I've worked as a middle school choral accompanist while pursuing free-lance writing and research projects the rest of the time. God has blessed my efforts so well that I find myself lacking the time it takes to write on Catholic issues with the depth they deserve. So this column will be my last as "Omaha Catholic Examiner."

Fortunately, my writings will remain available on even though I won't be writing new articles. If you have an interest in learning more about next weekend's Scripture readings -- whichever weekend happens to be "next" -- I invite you to consult my article index. You'll find meditations for Year A from late 2010 to late 2011, with Year B during 2011-12 and Year C during 2012-13.

I've learned never to say what I won't do, because God laughs when that happens! I started my adult life studying to be a music teacher in Lutheran high schools. I wound up becoming a journalist, which led me to meet and marry a lifelong Catholic and then become a Catholic in 1998. I've had amazing opportunities to share my faith even while working in the secular press. So it's entirely possible that I'll resume sharing my faith journey in writing sometime in the future.

To be a Christian is to follow Jesus Christ. To "love one another as I have loved you." To love God with all one's heart, soul, mind and strength and to love one's neighbor as one's own self. He calls us not only to believe that Jesus is Lord and that He rose from the dead but to live as He lived and love as He loved every day of our lives. The world needs us to "be Jesus" with each other and all humanity more than it ever has. I pray that my writings in this space may help bring you closer to Him. God bless you.

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