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A “landspout”, shipwrecks, hail and a snowstorm

Radar image 4:32 AM 10 May 2003
Radar image 4:32 AM 10 May 2003

A “landspout”, shipwrecks, hail and a snowstorm top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) archives here are the weather events that happened on May 10.

Almanac 10 May 2013 Click on image for a larger view
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

1857 - A low temperature of 17° at Eagle Harbor with a high of 23° occurred.

1881 - The wood schooner, 2-mast Charley was wrecked at her dock at the mouth of the Beaver River, MN near Lake Superior during a gale.

1884 - The wood schooner-barge, bulk freight Emma A. Mays, while carrying stove coal, was bound Cleveland for Thunder Bay, Ontario in tow of the tug Music, when she struck an ice floe and sank quickly in 90 fathoms of water off Grand Island, near Munising, MI in Lake Superior. Her crew abandoned ship. She had just come out of Grand Island, Michigan, where she had lain all winter, to complete her trip.

1902 - A snowstorm drops from 1 to 6 inches of slushy snow across Lower Michigan. The record 4” of snow at Muskegon is the latest measurable snow on record there. Grand Rapids observes a record 5.5” and Lansing 2”. This is also a cold day with records set for the coolest high temperatures. Grand Rapids only climbs to 43°, Muskegon 45° and Lansing 44°.

1908 - A second fire burned from south of Houghton through the Pilgrim River area causing some narrow escapes for fishermen. A third fire burned near Baraga and some fishermen narrowly escaped it.

1947 – Record cold sets in across Lower Michigan. Muskegon sees their coldest temperature for the month of May with 22°. Houghton Lake sees a daily record of 17°.

1966 - Record cold hit the upper Midwest as many cities reporting record low temperatures for the month of May. In Michigan the records include Lansing with 19°, Detroit 25°, and Flint 22°. Grand Rapids sees a daily record with 22°.

1990 - A spring snowstorm produced heavy snow in upper Michigan and eastern Wisconsin. 14.2 inches of daily record snowfall, 1.95 inches of daily liquid equivalent with a record cold high temperature of 33° at the Weather Forecast Office in Marquette which put a storm total snowfall of 22.4 inches and 2.89 inches of water equivalent from the 9th to the 10th. 11.8 inches of storm total snow fell in Marquette on the 9th and 10th, and 10 inches of snow fell in Norway, 11 inches in Iron Mountain and 6.5 inches in Bark River. Menominee had damage to cable and power lines from the wet, heavy snowfall.
The heavy wet snow and winds gusting to 35 mph damaged or destroyed thousands of trees and downed power lines. Total damage from the storm was more than $4 million dollars. (Storm Data) (National Weather Summary)

2001 - Cold front swept across Upper Michigan, fueling an isolated severe thunderstorm over Alger County that dropped 1.25 inch hail (half dollar sized) 1 mile southwest of Au Train in the midafternoon, and 1.75 inch hail (golf ball sized) in Wetmore in the midafternoon. In Skandia, 8 inch diameter trees were up-rooted. 2 inch hail (hen egg sized) fell 9 miles north of Steuben in the midafternoon.

2003 – Thunderstorms slide across southern Lower Michigan late on the ninth and during the early morning hours of the tenth. There are numerous reports of hail ranging in size from 3/4-inch to1-inch. An off duty police officer reported golf ball size hail near Assyria in Barry County. See the slideshow on the top of the story for weather images of this day. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day.

2006 - A small weak tornado, determined to be a "landspout" moved through an open field near Schoolcraft in Kalamazoo County, doing no damage. See the slideshow on the top of the story for weather images of this day. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day.

2011 - Thunderstorms triggered by a warm front moving across the area dumped heavy rain over portions of Houghton County during the early morning. A spotter southeast of Chassel measured 2.45 inches of rain in a two and a half hour period with greater than one-inch per hour rainfall rates. Several inches of water covered Highway 41 near Chassel and Calumet during the heavy rain event. Water was also reported over several secondary roads near and just north of Chassel. There were multiple reports of estimated quarter-sized hail between Bruce Crossing and Trout Creek. In addition to the heavy rain, a lightning strike in northern Wisconsin around 3:30 AM CDT knocked out the main electrical transmission lines to the western half of Upper Michigan. Power was knocked out to nearly 75,000 residents for many hours throughout the western half of Upper Michigan. The power outage resulted in numerous school and business closures.

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