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A labor of love



It seems to be a week of heart-wrenching stories for me.

First, there was Jake, a one-year-old shepherd mix at the Denton Animal Shelter, whose time was just about up. I am pleased to report that Jake has found a wonderful foster thanks to the Frisco Animal Shelter.

Now, it is a group of senior dogs and one young cat that are about to be homeless. The owners’ story is a tragic one. “The husband had a stroke about a year ago and had to be transported to an assisted-living facility,” said Nichole House with Companion Animal Network. “The wife can no longer work and will be joining her husband at the facility.” The problem is, the facility will not allow the couple’s four dogs and one cat to move with them.

Nichole told me the woman calls her everyday to check up on Lucy, Dixie, Missy, and Jack the cat. Lucy is about 9 years old and is a yellow Lab mix. Dixie, approximately 8, is a black Lab mix; Missy is the oldest at about 12 and is a German Shepherd mix; and Jack the cat is approximately 2 years old.

They are all current on vaccinations and have been spayed/neutered. Nichole said they are mostly indoor pets and need to be placed in homes that will provide lots of TLC.

“These are loyal, loving, senior pets who deserve love, too” Nichole said. “But they don’t have much time. We have to place them in the next couple of weeks.”

To find out more about Lucy, Dixie, Missy, or Jack, contact Nichole House at 817-239-5680 or Gail at 214-808-3238 or e-mail at

For more info: If you have a story about an animal rescue group, contact Angel at