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A Korean art that is a true martial system


A true martial art in the sense that the Korean Military has actually employed it, Tae Kwon Do is aA class at Park's Martial Arts Academy by Kim Myhre conglomeration of Korean, Chinese and Japanese disciplines. Defined as the way of the foot and the fist, the practitioner is taught a wide range of kicks, punches, strikes and blocks. Tae Kwon Do kicks are regarded as some of the most sophisticated in the world today. It’s not uncommon for students of other arts to study the kicking techniques employed by Tae Kwon Do students.

Tae Kwon Do promotes health and fitness through the regular practice of self-respect and self-discipline. Even though the training is centered around a fighting system, its practice is also intended to improve one’s character. The attitude a student brings into the training hall will literally determine whether or not he/she will be successful.

So what mind set is required? One must never tire of learning. Be prepared to make sacrifices for your art and your instructor. Always set a good example both in and out of the training hall. Be loyal and respectful to your instructor. Practice and apply the techniques you are taught. Always arrive early for class and work hard to ensure that you maintain a good training record.

So, if you are interested in participating in a martial system that is well rounded with physical and mental discipline, then Tae Kwon Do may be the art for you.


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