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A Kiss - A Film Noir

A Kiss The Movie
A Kiss The Movie
A Kiss The Movie

This is a smart move- PRE CROWDFUNDING support! You get to see what is about to happen! The film is called A Kiss the Movie.

It's 1944 and best friends, Judith and Barbara, living in a small, one-room apartment struggle to make ends meet. Judith believes she will get a promotion and all of their money troubles will be over. However, her boss offers her the promotion with a condition Judith cannot accept. Fired and blacklisted in retaliation, Judith is unable to find another job. Barbara is forced to pick up more work as a pin-up model. She's introduced to Richard, a handsome, sleazy photographer, who uses money to coax Barbara into taking more risqué photos he can profit from. In the middle of it all Barbara and Judith are falling in love. Their struggle to survive has brought them closer and closer to each other; perhaps too close. Richard discovers the duo's secret and uses it against them. Now he wants them both. What will they do?

Here is what the film makers have to say about the Noir style: MAKING A FILM NOIR STYLE DRAMA:

"A Kiss" is a Film Noir style crime drama set in 1944 and will be filmed on 16mm black & white film. In "A Kiss", the lighting, medium, acting and content will be as if the film were really made in the 1940s to capture the charm and the innocence of the characters and the simplicity of their lives. The subject is bold but will play out in subtleties as it would have during the era. Film Noir isn't just a cool look. It's a fantastic exercise in exploring and developing character and dialogue. A Film Noir movie's clever dialogue is like having someone wiggling their fingers all over the pleasure areas of your brain. With "A Kiss", I plan to wiggle mine all over yours. *Smile*

You can learn more about this Film Noir and support the project here: