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A kinder, gentler Holy War – The Islam of Muhammad objects to 9-11 Memorial

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Imams in New York City are opposing a video for the 9-11 Memorial because it associates Al-Qaeda with Islam. They say Al-Qaeda does not represent all Muslims, which is certainly true as most Muslims do not want to wage war on the infidel. What they will not admit is that most Muslims do not obey the Koran, that the lions of Al-Qaeda follow the teachings of Muhammad more closely than the sheep.

People who know history know Muhammad did not establish Islam as a religion of peace similar to Christianity. Muhammad spent twenty years waging war against those who would not bow to his new religion. That he was successful in conquering Mecca is a global tragedy that led to fourteen centuries of invasions and oppression by the world’s most violent religion.

They point at the aggression and crimes of the Catholic Church of the Inquisition claiming that Jesus promoted evil while denying Muhammad ever did. What Moslems and the Catholic Church will not admit is that the Inquisition was the result of conflict with Islam in the Holy Land, of interacting with and learning from them.

In observing how those who ruled Islam operated, some in the Catholic Church chose to emulate their oppressive ideology to extend their own power. It took the Protestant Reformation and two hundred years of war, plus another three hundred years for the Catholic Church to repeal their position. In that time, Islam has not changed, but fell so far behind Western Europe technologically that any chance at conquest became nil.

Now they infiltrate the West and America by preying on the ignorance of new generations by telling people that Islam is peace and Jihad is a spiritual struggle. Islamists today come in two varieties; those who embrace Jihad as the Holy War Muhammad taught, and those who follow the deceit to infiltrate and corrupt the West. The truth of this is found in the words of Al-Qaeda;

“The U.S. loves life. We love death. That is the difference between us.” – Osama bin Laden

Where Jesus taught that to die bearing witness to Him would lead to eternal life in Heaven, Muhammad taught that to die while killing infidels is the way to Paradise. The promise in Christ is life in peace. Muhammad's way was war and death.

“You love life, we love death.” Passages from the Koran and Hadith

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