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A kiddie film noir titled Ace Wonder. But Anna is for the adults only

Junior mystery and fun
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A family-friendly mystery? Sounds good to us.
A young detective is on the case for adventure in the junior film noir Ace Wonder, coming to DVD August 19 from Vertical Entertainment.
Struggling to find a storyline for his latest crime novel on a rainy day, 10-year-old sleuth Ace Wonder, P.I., stumbles across a real case. There’s no smoking gun or dark alley, only unanswered questions that might scare off the average kid … but Ace lives to unravel baffling mysteries and save the day.
In this junior film noir, Ace ducks his mom and risks life and growing limbs to embark on a sleuthing adventure that also helps repair the tattered relationship between a father and son who must face a haunting family history.
A simple mystery soon becomes fraught with espionage and danger as the boys employ scientific ingenuity to track down clues from beyond the grave … and there’s never a dull moment for this peewee Sherlock Homes!

This one is for adults.
Nothing is what it appears in the pulse-pounding thriller Anna, coming to DVD August 5 from Vertical Entertainment.
Broken by personal struggles, “mind detective” John Washington (Mark Strong)–blessed (and damned) with the ability to observe people’s memories–reluctantly returns to his job, a shell of his former self.
His superior (Brian Cox) assigns him to what he believes to be a simple case. Brilliant and talented, but deeply troubled, 16-year-old Anna Greene (TaissaFarmiga), the daughter of a wealthy family, has been severely traumatized by violence and desperately needs help.
But in this darkly twisted, pulse-pounding thriller, nothing is what it appears … Is it possible the beautiful and haunted Anna isn’t as innocent as she seems?

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