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A kickstarter for all Canadian comic lovers to support

The Adventures of Brok Windsor
Brok Windsor Kickstarter - Hope Nicholson

If there was ever a time for any able-bodied Canadian to get behind a project that demands their aid, it is this one:

Bring Brok Windsor back!

If you've never heard of Brok Windsor, don’t be alarmed; your Canadian pride is still intact, but pay attention and you might learn a little about Canada’s hidden literary history.

Created in Vancouver in 1944 by artist, John Stables, Brok Windsor is a comic icon and a true model of Canadian heroism. Brok Windsor was actually based on a real person John knew who served in combat in World War Two, according to Toronto publisher and researcher, Hope Nicholson. He also represents a “proto pan-Canadian” figure who epitomizes the values that modern Canadians are proud to hold today: bilingualism, appreciation of racial and cultural diversity and a love of the stark, northern beauty of Canada and all its secrets.

… Including a mysterious land populated by a gigantic, aboriginal people who are technologically advanced than their European counterparts.

Brok Windsor was one of those short-lived Canadian super-heroes created in the 1940’s because of an embargo on importation of American comic books. The War Exchange Conservation Act of 1940 prevented American comics from entering Canada, creating an amazing opportunity for indigenous Canadian publishing initiatives like Johnny Canuck or Nelvana of the North.

Like the incredibly successful Nelvana kickstarter of last year, Brok Windsor promises to be another revitalized and recognized Canadian hero brought to the forefront of the 21st century. Too much Canadian history is considered stodgy or boring, but this is an adventure that smacks of an Edgar Rice Burroughs influence and is as dynamic as any adventure that ERB could have conceived. Moreover this is an adventure story that fantasizes an unknown part of Canada as a near-alien landscape complete with futuristic technology, alien animal species and all sorts of weird encounters. It’s a story that demands to be read.

You can help this story return to life. The kickstarter project has been launched today and can be found here. If you love comics’ history, then this is a chance to be involved with an amazing opportunity. Running until September 30, the intended page count is about 150 pages of rare coloured stories from the 1940’s. Supported by contemporary Canadian artists like Leonard Kirk, Yanick Paquette and Ken Steacy, by contributing their modern interpretations of Brok Windsor to supporters, this is not only a labour of love for Hope Nicholson but one that can be fully supported by all Canadian Comic lovers.

However, if the Nelvana kickstarter is any indicator of the success Nicholson can hope to achieve, there won’t be a problem with seeing Brok back in pages again.

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