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A kenning of Evelynn Tierney of Physiokells Health Services

Bright Blessings of the Spring.

The Owner of Physiokells Health Services
Evelynn Tierney

Your friendly neighborhood Detroit Paganism Examiner had the chance to share cosmic space with Evelynn Tierney of Physiokells Health Services recently. Getting to know this dynamo of a woman over coffee and egg sandwiches at Country Boy Restaurant, in her new locale of Hazel Park, was like visiting with a combination of Muse, Medical Magician, and Crusader.

She was kind enough to consent to an interview, so take a moment to brew your own cuppa and journey onward into the new portal to Health she is bringing to this area. Completed this Wednesday, it was quite the look into a driven Dreamer and Healer.

"You are new in town, so tell us about where you came from before you moved to Hazel Park?"

"I was living in Port Huron by the Blue Water Bridge. I operated my company out of the apartment I was living in there.

"What made you decide this area?"

"I decided on Hazel Park because the city of Detroit was calling to me, and a very dear friend of mine was willing to open his home to me so I could relocate."

"So, what exactly is Physiokells Health Services?"

"PhysioKells Health Services is a Holistic Wellness company dedicated to chemical free health care, preventative medicine, and giving people the answers and solutions that mainstream medicine can not offer, in a very affordable way."

"How did the name come about?"

"I meditated for days and did a lot of research. The name is very personal. I chose Physio for the body, and Kells for the book of Kells in Ireland, as that is where my heritage originates."

"And what inspired you to become a Naturopath?"

"Growing up, I was a very sickly child. I was always at the doctors and couldn't participate in a lot of activities that classmates could. I grew up with various pain issues and stomach problems. My parents took me to every doctor they found, in and out of Michigan, and nobody could give them answers. This is not to mention all of the medicines they put me on, and all the testing they did just seemed to make things worse. When I was about about 14, an aunt of mine recommended I see an ND in Mount Pleasant, so I figured I'd give it a try. Within 30 minutes, she gave me an answer. I had Lupus, and she put me on a regimen of supplements and an anti inflammatory diet. Within a month, I was off of all pharmaceuticals and 100% better. From then on, I self studied Naturopathy and only went to see holistic doctors. I wanted to help people the same way my ND helped me.

"How long would you say that you have been formally studying?"

"Well, I self studied as a teen for 4 years. I then took online course at Clayton College of Natural Health, Blue Heron Academy, and several online certificate programs in various areas such as enzymes and probiotics. I then incorporated western medicine into my background to really understand both sides of it, so about 8 yrs all together.

"Where have you trained?"

"Clayton College of Natural Health, Blue Heron Academy, DoTerra University, Macomb Community College, and Baker College along with being trained, and certified, in company provided courses for major supplement brands I have worked for."

"What forms of treatment do you use?"

"I offer Massage Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Iridology, Homeopathic Reflexology, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic medicine, and other body work. I inform everyone of their options and help them choose the best course at the best price for them."

"How are you different from allopathic medicine in your approach to healing?"

"I differ in the methods I use to find the problem. I allow the body to tell me what it needs or whats wrong. The ways I use to treat are tailored to the patient's body chemistry, so we are not over or under dosing, and everything I use is whole medicine and chemical free."

"How would you compare your personal experiences with natural vs. allopathic medicine in your own life?"

"I believe Naturopathy gave me my life back. I have used Western Medicine since then and believe there will always be a need of some degree for Western Medicine, but i believe the quality of care that Naturopathy has brought me far surpasses Western."

"What part does chemistry play in how you set up a regimen for a client?"

"Chemistry plays a big part. The body has a very delicate balance between alkaline and acidic, which is why I custom tailor the regimen based on what I have discussed with the patient."

"Would you like to talk about your former job and the effect of your transition from that field has had on you?"

"I have worked in both fields of Naturopathy and Westen Medicine for over 10 years. I have seen the good, and the bad, in both industries. The general population is completely uninformed of their choices in health care. That's why I have decided to leave the Western Medicine Industry and use my talents and education as a healing facilitator, to educate and and help people reach their optimum wellness."

"In what ways would you say that natural medicines have made a comeback in recent years?"

"When the economy crashed a few years ago, people realized "herbal remedies" were much more affordable, especially after so many lost their healthcare coverage and they found "hey this really works so lets stick with it".

"Do you feel that it is an either/or option when someone selects their forms of treatment? Can both approaches be used at the same time in a cooperative fashion?"

"Absolutely. To believe Naturopathic Medicine should be the only medicine is completely radical. I know there is a need for allopathic medicine, but it should be used only in emergency situations or as a last regimen of treatment. If we keep the body health through Naturopathy, there won't be a need for the use of Western Medicine. But with that being said, yes they should be used together when a person is trying to heal themselves and get off of Western medicines. There's a fine balance of weening that needs to happen."

"What changes would you like to see in the Health Insurance Industry in regards to Holistic care?"

"I'm actually becoming involved with the American Holistic Medical Association to petition Naturopthy be covered by health insurance. Also, I would like for all Western Medicine doctors be educated at least 1 year in Naturopathy and be allowed to prescribe lifestyle changes and whole medicine instead of just handing over a chemical script."

"How do you think this can be brought about?"

"Through education."

"What is the most important factor in making the decision to take control of your own health?"

"You just have to want to get well and know that it is possible."

"Are there any cautions that you would like to let people know to be aware of when selecting a Naturopath?"

"Yes, the Naturopath, or healing facilitator, you see needs to make your healthcare the priority by making sure they answer all of your questions, explaining all of your options to you, and making sure you are the one in charge of your wellness. Also, arrogance is never a good sign."

"What part do herbs and oils play in your business?"

"A major part. They are for sale in my online store, but I also use them in the care of my patients"

"Do you have a preference of product lines?"

"My oils are DoTerra. I believe they are, by far, the best product for the best price as far as herbs and other supplements go. Brand doesn't matter as long as the have a guarantee to be free of pesticides and additives and come from whole sources, not isolate sources. I do extensive research on the brands I use and they are all of quality."

"You make some of your own products as well, is that correct?"

"Yes. I make handcrafted Reiki energy hemp and copper jewelry. Also, I use my herbs and oils to make organic handmade bath products for men, women, and children. I also have a sports line for any pain issues."

"How much fun is involved in the creative process?"

"It is a blast!!!!! I love creating my products with my hands. It makes my heart smile that I'm genuinely helping people by offering a chemical free option."

"What is your favorite product you have made so far?"

"Thats a tough question. If i have to pick, it would be the copper jewelry."

"Do you offer your line of products as part of your regular merchandise, or are they exclusively for your patients under treatment?"

"They are for both patients and general merchandise. The handmade products are non profit and the proceeds to to a different charity every month."

"Are you planning to continue school?"

"Absolutly. I plan on continung to getting my Doctorate in Naturopathy and becoming a ND. Also, I will be taking insurance courses to learn the system better, why they dont allow alternative therapy to be covered, and how we can change that."

"What other projects will you be pursuing for the next year? Any plans on events?"

"I will be booking as many vendor shows as I can. Also, I will be putting on education seminars such as my Medicine Cabinet Makeover seminar."

"What is the most common misconception you run into about what you actually do?"

"I am always asked if I have a formal education. My response is always, "Of course i do! I'm a legally licensed company to operate in alternative medicine". Also, I'm always told its such a luxury to get a massage, or the herbs are "voodoo" medicine. I have found people are afraid of what they don't understand. We live in a society that was raised to trust only western doctors and the FDA, which is why i plan to educate with facts and history."

"What is the funniest thing that ever happened while you were training in this field?"

"While in school learning my extractions, I once mixed garlic with baking soda and vinegar, thinking I had the right ingredients, and it foamed up and went every where. The classroom smelled like overpowering garlic for a few days and I was teased ever since. I couldn't stop laughing while my eyes watered from the garlic."

"Where do you see your business in two years?"

"I would like to see it have expanded to various locations around Metro Detroit and even out of state. Also I'd like to expand the list of services we provide."

"Bonus Question: If you had to choose a song about your life so far, what would it be?"

"'Joy To The World' by Three Dog Night."

"Where can someone get in touch with you if they are ready to give your business a try?"

"I am on Facebook, I have a webpage, Angie's and all other social media sites."

You can book an appointment with Physiokells Health Services through their Facebook page. Located in Hazel Park, the office is conveniently located near Detroit, Ferndale, Madison Heights, and Royal Oak. Call them at (586) 443-3934, or email Evelynn at

For an up close opportunity to speak to her and sample her wares, you can find her at the Second Annual Mystic Gathering, located at The Royal Oak Senior Community Center, 3500 Marais Ave, Royal Oak, on May 3 from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm. An event to raise funds for Arise Spiritual Retreat and Wellness Center, the admission is $10.00 and Physiokells will be there.

Blessed Be.

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