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A Kabbalistic view of Christmas

A fundamental Kabbalistic concept is that God gives to us in over-abundance. For example, He gives us the Bible – His living Word – and the Kabbalah. While the Bible is all we need to see how to achieve our Tikune process [improve our souls] and thereby find our way back to God and the Endless World, He also gives us the Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah allows us to understand the Bible as a tool for improving our souls at a much deeper level. In addition to having the opportunity to achieve one’s Tikune process more quickly, a student of the Kabbalah also gains a deeper understanding of the creation process. Beyond this, the Bible combined with the Kabbalah give each of us a chance to take on a greater role in the continuing formation of God’s creation. Simply put, the Kabbalah can help anyone who has the interest to study it to receive even more of the Light [which God always sends to us in over-abundance], share it more effectively and help/show others [how] to do the same.

In a similar way, after thousands of years of success on the part of God’s chosen people in progressively achieving their Tikune process using the Hebrew Scriptures [known to most Christians as the Old Testament] and Judaic tradition, God sends us His Son, a most profound gift of over-abundance, to show us even more clearly [and, arguably, more simply] how to find our way back to God, the Father.

Are the Hebrew Scriptures and Judaic tradition enough to get us back to God and the Endless World? Absolutely! Yet, God sent His Son, Jesus the Christ, as a gift [in this writer’s view] of tremendous over-abundance to make sure that all of humanity get more than enough opportunities to find our way back to Him in Heaven, for eternity this time!