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A Joyful Tear for Jesus

She was among a throng of choir singers, being helped on stage. The uniform for the occasion was black. There is something about an African American church choir; looking sick, some look like they should be in bed, taking gentle steps to their positions on stage; and then with the raise of the conductor’s hand, the lips separate, the wrinkles disappear, and in loud unison, “Jesus!” echoed through the auditorium. The little lady that caught my attention was so elated, tears ran down her left cheek.

Participants at Peabody Gospel show.Baltimore students in performance at Peabody
Participants at Peabody Gospel show.Baltimore students in performance at PeabodyOswald S. Copeland

She is a member of the Ark Church Choir, that later joined the New Shiloh Baptist Choir in the presentation of This Is My Voice, at the Peabody Institute, in Baltimore, MD.

Tia Price, one of the masters at Peabody, also sang, sharing her love for the vibrations of Gospel music, and putting her students front and center. This was a world premiere, opening the door for the public to see and hear what our gifted youth have accomplished, not only at Peabody, but at some city schools. The cycle of mezzo soprano, children’s chorus, composition, sitting on a thick layer of Gospel music, moved many attending to testify

It was this time of year, when Jesus instituted the celebration of his pending death, and return to the heavens. Without the passing of the bread, and the drinking of the wine, the little old lady, and many in attendance at the Peabody concert, were celebrating the Passover and shedding a joyful tear for Jesus. (See video).