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A JDate success story - 50 dates for him, 3 for her


Are you JDating?

In a very cool article in the NYTimes, we meet Ron James and Sheryl Daija, who met and married as a result of the Jewish dating site JDate. 

Ron's story is one of persistence and open mindedness, two qualities that make for success in online dating.   He opened himself up to consider every woman between the ages of 30 and 50 within 50 miles of his home.  He emailed hundreds of women and went on dates with 40-50 women before meeting and falling in love with Sheryl.

(Sheryl was lucky - Ron was her 3rd date!)

Ron discovered some of the issues that are common when searching for the right woman online - women who lie about their age, their profession, and posting old photos.   (C'mon ladies, you may get a free dinner out of the deal, but you'll never find love if you are using false advertising!)

Neat factoids about JDate:

  • One of the best Jewish dating site on the web
  • Owned by Spark Networks, which owns 32 niche dating sites
  • JDate is promoted by rabbis because 47% of Jews married outside their faith between 1996-2001
  • If your rabbi buys JDate memberships in bulk, you get discounts!  (That's a new one for me!)
  • 25% of JDaters are baby boomers
  • You can buy a JDate membership as a gift for a single friend!

Any JDaters in the house?  How's it going for you?

About E: JDate's profiles have questions that leave you wide open for red flags.  Want to avoid them?  Hire E to write or review your profile for you.  Visit her at Online Dating Profiler or Geek's Dream Girl.


  • Ursula 5 years ago

    Men lie about their age too, and especially lie about how short they really are, so let's not blame women only

  • Doree 5 years ago

    And men lie about where they live. Since when does coming into Manhattan 3 or 4 times per week equate your place of residence?