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A Jam Band Podcast Worth A Listen

Where do you get the latest Jam Band music from? Do you wait for a friend to pass along a bootleg album or do you have Google alerts set for your favorite band? With all the new music coming out today (yesterday, tomorrow, two weeks from now) there can be a mountain to go through, but I found a radio station (yes, old school radio) that does a pretty good job putting together a weekly mix of jam radio.

Endless Boundaries Jam Band Radio can be found at Z889 WBZC-FM on the radio dial in Philly and South Jersey, but for us in Oakland and the Bay Area we can stream their weekly show at It’s a win-win for us, as the music will help improve your phunk and help me keep my resolution to write more about jam music.

Make sure to check out their best jam band albums of 2013 and see which ones you would have added or omitted.

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