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A.J. Styles eyes 'dream match' against Rey Mysterio inside WWE ring

According to a Feb. 7 report from Slam! Sports, AJ Styles has been competing around the world in the independent wrestling circuit since leaving TNA last year.

Styles, 36, says he left the promotion due to a lack of communication. He explained that TNA never came close to giving him a contract offer that he would be happy with, so he opted to test the open market.

"The thing with me was that they took too much time -- for me. December 15th, my contract was ending, and we were still negotiating. I didn't have a job, so that means I wasn't making any money," Styles said. "So I needed to make a decision (and get back to Ring of Honor) if I could be on their show. To me, the communication wasn't quick enough. I know it was the holidays, but if something's important, you take care of it. I just felt the communication wasn't there.

"Let's be honest. When I signed my extension in September, they had until December to come up with something that I would be happy about. They didn't do that at all, it wasn't even close. So right there, that should say it all. Then they wanted to hurry it up and get it done over a couple of weeks to get it right - there were too many things that needed to be fixed, it couldn't be done overnight."

Now that Styles is essentially a free man, he's thinking about some fun "dream matches" for the fans. One bout he has in mind is a battle against Rey Mysterio, possibly inside a WWE ring.

"Well, the dream matches for me are probably the ones that pay me the most money... I'm kidding... sorta," Styles said.

"Seriously, some (dream matches) for me are with guys that I may never get the opportunity to wrestle. I'd like to wrestle Rey Mysterio, I think he and I could really tear things up. There are definitely some guys in the Fed (WWE) that I think I could have good matches with, that would also be dream matches for the fans as well. But who knows if that ever comes or not."

Styles says some other pro wrestling dream matches could happen in the near future due to the decline of TNA. He would like to see Sting battle The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX, because that would be an amazing fight for the fans.

"People are excited about what they may get to see. I can understand that. I do it too -- I hope to see Sting wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania. I don't know if that's going to happen, that may just be wishful thinking. But I can appreciate the (thinking)."

Styles isn't sure about the future of TNA. He wouldn't go so far as to say the company is going under, but he did note that it seems they are trying to save money in mysterious places.

"I'm not saying that they're going under, but it sure does seem that way," he said. "They're really saving a lot of money in places. If they're so desperate to save money that they cut loose one of their top guys, the one guy that was known as the TNA guy, they must be hurting pretty bad. Either that or they think that loyalty means absolutely nothing to them, or they think I suck. I don't know which one of those it is."

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