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A J McCarron's mom - not racist, but telling it like it is

Speaking proper English is not a crime. AJ McCarron’s mom criticized the grammar of Jameis Winston, and soon after, having been accused of racism, retracted the comment. But her point is well founded.

Jameis Winston exhibits the qualities of a great football player, but judging him by his grammar, not that of a great, or even mediocre college student.

He should not be in college. And most likely, he will not graduate. It won’t be necessary. After completing his sophomore year he can move on to professional football.

A CNN report on the poor reading abilities of many college athletes confirms this concern.

So Jameis takes the place of a student who would have attended and most likely would have graduated. But that student would not have brought such acclaim and monetary gain to Florida State University.

Listen to the interviews of most Heisman Trophy winners, of most college football players, and poor grammar is NOT an issue.

But for those athletes who ARE the exception, who do exhibit POOR educational backgrounds and do not qualify for college academically, we must take a stand.

There is no excuse for high school graduates to lack proper skills in English. Period. Let’s stop accusing those who raise concerns as being racist and “tackle” the true source of the problem – minimized high school requirements and greed-driven college sports recruiting.

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