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A.J. McCarron blasts entitled teammates at Alabama

McCarron in disbelief after loss to Oklahoma
McCarron in disbelief after loss to Oklahoma
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

During Super Bowl week, many present past and future stars make their presence felt on the interview circuit. On Thursday, it was no different for former Alabama quarterback, A.J McCarron. During his interview with Jim Rome, reported that McCarron said the young guys on Alabama didn’t “buy into the system” wholeheartedly.

In certain instances, his statements about the 2013 team may ring true, but if they would have won those games, his scapegoats would have never been mentioned.

A.J McCarron stated that the newcomers felt like if they show up, the wins would just continue. In all honesty, the wins did continue. During the regular season, Alabama lost one game on the last play to Auburn. Let’s pretend, it’s the young players’ fault for that loss. It’s fine if you feel that way, but the blame game is a little weak.

In A.J. McCarron’s three years as a starting quarterback, he lost three regular season games. They all came late in the season in dramatic fashion. However, Alabama still got placed in the BCS title game, so those in game results are downplayed immensely.

In 2011, Alabama lost to LSU, didn’t play in the SEC Championship game, and still found their way to face LSU in the national title game. In 2012, Alabama lost to Texas A&M behind Johnny Manziel, yet they found their way in another national title game. In 2013, they lost to Auburn, and didn’t find a way to sneak into the title game. That’s the only difference here.

McCarron also said that the prior success of the program changed the atmosphere around Alabama football. It wasn’t complacency that hurt the Tide’s chances of a three peat, but it was the entitlement factor.

A.J. McCarron goes on to elaborate about the rating system for college recruiting, and says it doesn’t help team chemistry when guys think they should playing right away. Still, Alabama gets the highest rated recruits and things aren’t changing. According to Sportsline,com, Alabama has six 5-star commitments for the class of 2014.

A.J. McCarron is preparing for the upcoming NFL combine and NFL draft.


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