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A.J. Lee's engagement ring proves CM Punk isn't dating Ronda Rousey

According to an Apr. 2 report from, CM Punk and A.J. Lee are officially engaged.

Lee was spotted during the most recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw with a gorgeous new ring on her finger, and that led fans to believe that she would be tying the knot with Punk.

WWE Universe now knows that the rumor is true, as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer confirmed it.

Since Punk is definitely going to be marrying Lee sometime in the near future, WWE and UFC fans can now also put to rest the rumors that he might be dating UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey.

The Chicago native was spotted at Rousey's UFC 170 fight, and the star judoka reportedly told him to his face that she loves him.

"I think the first thing I said to him was 'I love you,' which was terrible and not smooth at all," Rousey said of what she told Punk when she met him.

Since Rousey is single and was spotted hanging out with Punk, many fans were left wondering if a romance might someday bloom between the two.

If the hottest UFC star was to date the most popular WWE star, a Rousey - Punk romance could have made them the new "it" couple in the world of sports.

However, it wasn't meant to be. It appears that Punk will be together with Lee forever once their wedding vows are made official.

As for Rousey, she remains to be single. Rousey will probably always be a CM Punk fan, but don't expect her to ever be romantically linked to him.

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