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A.J. Burnett rumors: Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays want to sign pitcher

Starting pitcher A.J. Burnett is a free agent that several teams would like to sign.
Starting pitcher A.J. Burnett is a free agent that several teams would like to sign.
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A.J. Burnett rumors have the Baltimore Orioles and Tampa Bay Rays in pursuit of the starting pitcher. The Burnett rumors took a while to develop this offseason, but now it appears that at least three teams are trying hard to sign him for the 2014 MLB season. According to a report from Thursday (Jan. 30), the Orioles have stated that they are "all in" to acquire his services. Adding him to the starting rotation in Baltimore could be a nice push for the team.

Fantasy Baseball Secret Weapon

Burnett pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates last year, putting up some amazing numbers and helping the team get to the postseason. He is now 37 years old and looking for a multi-year deal that will probably be the last one he gets for playing baseball. His record in 2013 speaks for itself, as he started 30 games, pitched 191 innings, and posted an ERA of just 3.30. Add in the 209 strikeouts that he had and it is clear why he could help out several different teams next season.

Included in these A.J. Burnett rumors is the thought that Pittsburgh would also like him back. It's not clear why it has taken so long for the two sides to come to a consensus, but it is possible that he simply doesn't want to return unless the money is right. The other team that has just entered into the process is Tampa Bay, but that's a team that certainly will not overpay to acquire starting pitching. It's no secret that they might trade David Price, so maybe the interest here is to find someone to replace him in the rotation.

There doesn't appear to be a lot of movement between the three teams and the veteran starting pitcher, but fans should not be surprised if a signing just happens out of the blue in this situation. The fact is that Baltimore appears willing to pay the most money, but it could simply come down to where Burnett wants to play next year.

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