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A Hundred Days of Night, in which Persephone kidnaps herself

A Hundred Days of Night is a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth. In this version of the myth, Persephone is attempting to escape from a “pilgrimage” that is actually a lifetime sentence of imprisonment. After receiving some advice from a mysterious figure (who turns out to be Hades hatchetman, Thanatos) she persuades Hades to take her to his realm. Hades is extremely reluctant to go along with this plan, but eventually relents. (Though there is a great deal of snark concerning someone trying to bribe her way into his realm.)

This iteration of Persephone is an interesting take on the goddess in that she is portrayed as a strong willed, adult person instead of a young girl. This is emphasized with the revelation that she is actually much older than her mother Demeter is saying she is. There is also some strong implications that Demeter is overprotective and has some capital-I Issues that will hopefully be revealed further down the line. This version of Persephone is naïve and inexperienced without being innocent. When she meets Apollo for instance, she is less than impressed and warns him away from her nymphs. (This wins her the interest of Artemis, who appears to have had quite enough of her twin being a dudebro.)

A Hundred Days of Night is a recent web comic and shouldn’t be too hard to catch up on. (The opening of the prolog was in May of this year.) The current story line mostly deals with the introduction of the characters and the very beginning of Persephone’s arrival in Hades realm. No update schedule appears to be listed on the site. The art is top notch and the character interactions are intriguing. I am looking forward to seeing where this web comic goes with the story.

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