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A humorous mystery/suspense novel

The Chef at the Water's Edge

If you’re still looking for great books to add to your list of summer reads, then you have to check out ‘The Chef at the Water’s Edge’ by Kee Patterbee. Actually, make sure you add it at the top of your list, because it is one of those clever, humorous mystery/suspense novels that pull you in from page one and make you read it in one sitting. And here’s some more great news: it is the first book in the ‘Hannah Starvling Twilight Cozy Murder Mysteries’ series, which means that readers have something to look forward to.

Hannah Starvling is a former FBI agent who was forced to resign her position after a terrible incident. Even though she went through a complete change of career, she still loves to solve complicated, mysterious cases when given the chance. Now, she works as a Chef Culinary Consultant and loves her job. When she is invited to attend a cooking festival honoring the town’s famous Chef, Julia Karas, she is also asked to investigate her death. One year prior, Mrs. Karas was found dead in her estate’s lake, and everyone thought it was either suicide, or an unfortunate accident. As she progresses with her investigation, Hannah finds out that there is more to the Chef’s death.

Kee Patterbee is an amazing storyteller, and readers will immediately fall in love with her unique writing style. She knows how to build the suspense and keep readers guessing. Moreover, there are twists and turns that will take them completely by surprise. The characters are very well developed and very likeable. Readers will find it easy to relate to Hannah, who is smart, determined, and willing to do anything to uncover the truth. Her best friends, Buster and Cate Jordon, are always by her side. Cate is the one who can catch the details that Hannah might have missed, and Buster is great with providing perfectly timed comic relief. It’s easy to see why they make such a great team.

‘The Chef at the Water’s Edge’ is a must-read for any mystery/suspense lover. It has drama, tense moments, plenty of humor, and mind-blowing twists. It ends up being a clever puzzle that will keep readers engaged up to the last page, when they will only want to grab the next book in the series.

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