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A House With Activity

A couple of nights ago my ghost hunting partner Tracey and I did a house investigation. I knew of some of the happenings before we went. I heard that things were thrown, the lady who owns the house was pushed at one point and broke her chin, children are tripping over nothing and falling, feelings of something touching her, things being misplaced. Example, one minute something will be there and the next it is gone. Most recent event a strange marking that covered the whole back. That is when we were asked to come.

I was confused and surprised at first, because when we went it was so silent that it was scarey. Nothing happening, no strange noises, nothing moved, but there was an unsettling feeling the whole time we were there. Of course, before going there hearing all of these things, we prepared ourselves for the worse.

I let my friend talk to the lady and went off quietly with my recorder and camera. I picked up an interference and what sounded like a scream at one point. I would ask questions and then maybe about 30 seconds later I would get a faint knock. I would repeat the question again and dead silence. What ever is in the house meant business.

My friend has a ghost box and when there is a spirit talking, it picks up what is being said. When she asked how old it was, the spirit said 7. She asked 7 what, and it got confused one point it sounded like a million, and then it said, 7 legions. Tracey asked, what did you say, can you repeat? It said legions. Are you a person, again responded legion. Why are you here? and it sounded like Me know Wendy Lindo. My friend asked the lady do you know a Wendy. Come to find out the original owner was Wendy and then she sold the house to her daughter, who also lived with her child, husband, and a man in a wheel chair. Do you want to hurt her? no response and then the ghost detector started going off.

Anyway, then I said to the lady, why don't you show me downstairs, so Tracey can be alone and do what she has to do. As we are going downstairs the lady asked me, do you want to see my RV? I said, no, why would I want to go outside. We went downstairs and suddenly, Tracey calls up stairs screaming, guys get up here now. Tracey was scared, the chair was thrown over, while Tracey was sitting down. I think I might know why the lady asked me to go outside, possibly the spirit wanted us out of the house to hurt Tracey. Tracey had an uncomfortable feeling the whole time we were there. She kept saying what ever is in this house does not want me here and it is letting me know. She felt like she had the chills.

Then things calm down again, and something kept telling me to go to this certain room. I was by the doorway and I felt all my hair stand up. It was creepy. I felt chills everywhere. I asked them to come and take a picture of me, because there was no way nothing was there. However, you only see a little faint shadow near my arm. Trust me there was something there. I picked up a static sound. Tracey could not be in the room, because she felt heaviness in her chest. The lady said, she always hates coming in that room because it feels so bad.

Finally, we are getting ready to leave and the lady said, look something just dropped my hand from nowhere. I said, let me see, sure enough it was like an oily watery substance. Then I saw with my owns eyes the second time it dropped from mid air. It was weird. Again, it felt like a watery oily substance. Come to find out when she gets scared she puts the rosary beads on her neck and holds them. One night the Holy Water came out of the part that held it. We were no sure if there is a possibility if that was the Holy Water. Even still it was creepy.

Tracey cleansed the house and we are going back. We want to see if it will stay calm, before we do. This house is really haunted, and we told her what do to when she feels uneasy, and told her to call us.

The name of the lady is with held to protect her identity.


Cheryl A Nocera

If you know of someone who would like use to come to their house, because of a haunting let me know.